If you’re a web designer, chances are it’s happened to you. Possibly on a redesign. Your client accesses her new website before you’ve had a chance to complete your work and then you wake up to an email from her saying the site is broken and she did NOTHING other than add posts and edit content on pages. Right. 

The sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach gets deeper because you hadn’t backed up your work yesterday AND you didn’t account for this in your contract or terms and conditions.

I mean, what can happen if the client is only supposed to add content?

You know at this point you’ll have to reinstall everything again and start from scratch. You likely decide to dig right in and have the site back up to its former glory (but of course the content she added is gone and you know you can expect some hissy fit about that). It’s time to email her back and you want to know how to tell her if she breaks the site again, it will be her responsibility AND you want to figure out a nice way to write this without sounding like a b*&^ch.

The answer? This script!

Dear Client,

Thank you for giving me the heads up about the weird stuff happening on your site. I want you to know that I was able to delete all the wonky bits and reinstall everything so that it’s back to it’s shining self (as it was yesterday). It’s taken me some time but I was determined! I also thought this was a good opportunity to let you know that since this has never happened to me before (and I guess there really IS a first time for everything!!), I had no process in place to address having to re-do all my efforts. Because of this, I’m able to define a clearer process for future clients should this ever happen again.

I’ve changed your login user name and password for security reasons and will give you access as soon as our work is complete. I know you’re anxious to get back in there and get your content placed on there. I only have a couple of minor things to do and you’ll be on your way!! I know how badly you want to get this website out into the world and I’ll work my fingers off today to accomplish just that!

Finally, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve re-done your entire site completely complimentary. There will be no charge for the extra (put your number) of hours I worked to do this. This is a one time deal, just for you. Should anything happen to your site after I complete and give you access, there will be charges involved if I need to do more work. I know you can understand this and I appreciate your flexibility.

If you’d like to look at a backup program so that you can reinstall your site for minimal costs in case you accidentally delete important components of your site again, I recommend looking at (insert your own package here or point to Websavers or Unhackus or another).

Your conscientious web designer

Notice how we’ve lightly delivered the line, “I’ve changed your login user name and password for security reasons and will give you access as soon as our work is complete.” This gives and your client ample opportunity to figure out what exactly their going to do about site backups and security moving forward. It’s a game changer, ladies!


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