We’ve heard you, lovelies. We know you’re craving time with us to retreat and for personal reasons travelling to Seattle is not possible for you right now.

We’ve created the Virtual Retreat Experience JUST FOR YOU!

Krista! Katy! What does this mean?

Have you been dreaming about taking the time to work on your own business instead of building everyone else’s?


It takes a tonne of mental energy to ensure your own website is in tip-top, revenue generating, and dream client attracting shape. You’ve been in business for a while, so you already know how hard it is to work ON your business while you’re also working IN it.

We’ll be spending time getting to intimately know our inner leader and empower her to have the confidence to step up and choose when to stay the course and when to change it up.

You can expect to get clear on:

  • where you’re missing opportunities to capture leads on your website
  • how you can set up all your systems and automation for on-boarding new clients (using the exact tools Krista & Katy use)
  • how you can work better + smarter
  • how to turn your website into a client conversion magnet
  • what your revenue streams will be moving forward and how they add up to your bottom line
  • what support you’ll need to make it all happen
  • how you can identify, develop, and implement a solid opt-in that your clients will adore
This retreat is also about going beyond the metrics + money.

It’s about spending virtual time with other women who understand the unique demands and dreams we all have and how the power of a supportive tribe of like-minded women can shift the way you see your business and propel you into the kind of future you’re longing for.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about:

  • how you can better serve your current clients and customers
  • finally having a decision making process solidly in place that will help you seek out the best opportunities for you and your business
  • what additional value you could bring to those clients and customers who you’ve already worked with
  • how you can stop worrying about where your next client is coming from and instead focus on what will generate more income
  • what kinds of new experiences you want to create for your ideal clients and customers
  • what an activated year really could look like for you
The WEB DESIGNER BEAUTY SCHOOL BUSINESS RETREAT will give you the time and tools you need to make it happen.

We get it. And so do you. It’s time to step away from indecision and stop spending your days researching.

You’re SO ready to move into strategic action. AND get it right.

Join us for the perfect balance of learning + time to apply + optional social time.

It’s going to be 3 nights and 3 days of structured & creative workshopping on your own time, in your own space that will look like:

  • Experiential Training: Facilitated group learning opportunities that will give you plenty of opportunity to gain new insights and tools you can implement right away. Think live implementation of the tools and strategies we teach in WDBS. Lots of time will be built in for conversation and Q&A.
  • Mastermind Circles: There is a lot of wisdom that gets activated when women gather. We’ll have time to tap into this collective wisdom and champion, support, and inspire each other each day with facilitated & dedicated Mastermind time.
  • Ample Personal Time: Freedom to do what YOU want with delicious pockets of time to write, reflect, research, co-work, read a book, nap, or stare into the flames of candles you light or fires you build.
  • An ROI that goes far beyond our 3 days together: We’re committed to helping you activate your own web design businesses. This retreat is designed to get you into focused action– providing just the right blend of support, education, cheerleading and solo-time. Plus priceless opportunities to learn and laugh with other like-minded designers!
You will leave with installed & implemented tools, scripts, and processes that support you and your business.

What EXACTLY can you expect?

Day 1

Design your customer journey and create your client on boarding road map
Masterclass: client discovery questionnaire workshop
Tech Session: how to use gravity forms to run your business from lead capture forms to legal documents

Day 2

Engage your audience to attract new customers, visitors, and influencers
Masterclass: Identify, develop, and implement a solid opt-in that your clients will adore
Tech Session – how you use can automation to connect with and convert clients

Day 3

Build trust and interact with your audience while encouraging them to take it to the next level and hire you.
Masterclass: develop your own 3-12 month blog editorial calendar
Tech Session – how to turn your website into a client conversion magnet with our top plugins


About your retreat leaders: Katy and Krista

Not too many years ago, Katy Martin (TallPoppiesDesign.com) and Krista Smith (ActivateHerAwesome.com) were once in your shoes, and we now have bustling, bread-winning web design and development business that empower us with the freedom to set our own hours, spend precious time playing with our family and friends, working with our ideal clients on websites we love working on!

We’ve polished off all the aspects of running a web design business and packaged it in the form of a business retreat so we can get to know each other personally and support you in person as you stretch and grow into your web design business.

The Web Designer Beauty School VIRTUAL Business Retreat can only accommodate 14 participants, so please book NOW to save your spot!


How will the day unfold for me as a virtual participant?

All of our sessions will be broadcast via Zoom. We’ll also be recording them so that if you can’t join us live, you’ll be able to participate fully. We can’t promise the videos will be uploaded immediately to your private viewing area as we’ll be delivering the in-person experience but they will be as soon as we have time.

Day 1, Monday, July 11 from 6pm PT – 8pm PT (arrival and opening evening)

We would invite you to start carving out some time for yourself around 4pm — begin to settle into retreat mode where all you’ll be doing is loving up your web design business over the next three days. Take a stroll or curl up in your room for a nap. We want you to find time for spaciousness and opening up your heart for your own retreat experience.

We’ll gather as a group via Zoom at 6pm to build our intimate community and set intentions for the retreat. We anticipate this will be about one hour.

Afterward, we’d love to invite you to light some candles and journal on what its been like being a web designer, what your dreams are, and what you maybe haven’t even admitted to yourself yet about what you really want.

Day 2, Tuesday, July 12 from 9:00am PT – 5pm PT:

We’ll gather via Zoom at 9:00am (bring your coffee!) then sink into a customized facilitated session that is guaranteed to get you anchored into what you want your client experience to look and feel like. Through a few exercises, we’ll be digging deep into your current processes (and building upon the prep package you’ll receive to complete ahead of time) and then we will be walking you through the exact tools, scripts and processes we use in our businesses. You’ll be getting any handouts emailed to you in real time when handouts are distributed to the in person participants.

By the end of this session, you’ll have identified any leaks in your own client processes and made a decision on what you’d like to tighten up, change up, or newly implement to make working with you the experience you’re dreaming of.

At 11:30 we’ll be sharing our intentions for the afternoon. The afternoon will be considered sacred time for you to work on your business.

Here’s what the afternoon might look like:You and another web designer meeting up over Skype, and co-working remotely (this will be up to you to connect with someone else and make this happen). Think: post-its, dark chocolate, and some good tunes or feel FREE to indulge in uninterrupted time and space in your own space where you can roll up your sleeves and write, think, sneak in a nap or take a walk in nature.

At 3:30 we’ll gather back on Zoom for a Facilitated Mastermind Circle. You’ll have the opportunity to understand how powerful a mastermind circle can be for you and your business as well as get feedback, suggestions, ideas, high-fives, and whatever else you may need to support you as you plan to activate your own awesome year. We’ll be taking your questions ahead of time and answering them live on the call. At 4:45, we’ll adjourn for the day.

While we’ll be heading out together to dine, we invite you to take some extra time and care with your own food. Take yourself out to dinner or prepare some nutritious + soul loving food in your own home.

Day 3, Wednesday, July 13 from 8:00am PT – 1pm PT:

Enjoy breakfast and gather with us via Zoom at 8:00am with your coffee and a powerful session that will help you: identify the areas where you’re missing opportunities to capture leads on your website and streamline your own processes on how you can set up all your systems and automation for on-boarding new clients (using the exact tools Krista & Katy use).

Plan for one hour videos with a ten minute bio break in between each. (8:00-9:00, 9:10-10:10, 10:20-11:20).

At 11:30 we’ll be gathering for Mastermind Circles until 12:30. You’ll get to witness the power that comes from supporting each other as well as have any of your questions answered live.

We’ll be breaking at 12:30 to get ready to head into Seattle for the afternoon/evening. We invite you to plan an outing somewhere too. Where you can stroll and do something you likely rarely do but be inspired and creatively fuelled by your surroundings. We’ll be popping in via Facebook live to our private Facebook group periodically throughout the afternoon and evening. If you send us off your questions, we’ll also answer those in our live streams. Our fabulous on-site assistant, will be making sure we receive each and every email to answer for you!

Day 4, Thursday, July 14 from 8:30am PT – 1:30pm PT:

After breakfast we’ll meet up at 8:30 via Zoom and share insights and updates on how far we’ve come. Our morning session will help you plan your next steps for keeping your website in client conversion mode and we’ll be spending time mapping out how you can keep attracting your dream clients. It will involve teaching opportunities from Katy and Krista then time to work on and implement (live!) some of the tools and techniques we use.

Plan for one hour videos with a ten minute bio break in between each. (8:30-9:30, 9:40-10:40, 10:50-11:50) We’ll break for about an hour at 11:50-ish for lunch and come back right after lunch to end with a special completion circle.

At 1:30 pm we’ll say our official goodbyes, with (virtual!) hugs all around as many of you head back to real life.

Virtual Retreat Investment

$ 349 USD

Pay Now


If you are purchasing a spot at the retreat, please know that your investment is “non-refundable and transferable.”

Registration is non-refundable. However, if life decides to throw you an unexpected curve ball, you can transfer or sell your spot to another web designer who would be a great fit for this retreat–just let us know if you do this because we are customizing the retreat to meet the needs of the participants.

This is firm. We invest in you — just like you invest in yourself, by investing in this retreat. We begin planning with you in mind as soon as we see your registration. And that’s why, with exception of hurricanes, avalanches and unforeseeable grief-stricken situations, we do not offer refunds for cancellations.

What this means for you: please come. Don’t let your inner critic talk you out of it. Be brave & show up. You’ll be so grateful you did.


When is the Activate Her Awesome Retreat?

The WDBS Virtual Business Retreat will take place July 11-14, 2016.

Sessions will run:
Monday, July 11 from 6pm PT – 8pm PT (arrival and opening evening)
Tuesday, July 12 from 9:00am PT – 5pm PT
Wednesday, July 13 from 8:00am PT – 1pm PT
Thursday, July 14 from 8:30am PT – 1:30pm PT

What does the cost of the retreat cover?

The cost of the retreat covers the full 3 days of sessions via zoom, access to a private facebook group where we’ll be answering your questions via Facebook Live as well as interacting with you as much as possible over zoom, and one year of access to the videos, worksheets in a new course area of our website.

What if I can’t make it live?

We will be videoing each teaching component of our retreat and getting the videos up there as soon as they upload to vimeo. You will have a special course section of the website where you’ll be able to watch these and will have access to them for one year. You will also have access to all handouts which will be downloadable in PDF form for you to use.

What additional costs am I responsible for?

We encourage you to pretend you ARE on retreat with us and plan for delicious food and nourishing time. Take yourself out for dinner and a long walk in nature with us.

How do I protect my goals and ideas for my business if we’re going to be sharing in a group setting?

We are committed to creating a safe, respectful environment where each participant can share freely and safely. Both Katy and Krista are experienced entrepreneurs and we can assure you that the sanctity and distinctiveness of your ideas will be protected. All WDBS Business Retreat Participants (including virtual ones) sign confidentiality agreements, and we start the Retreat by designing an alliance of support and professionalism. All group work is planned with this alliance in mind.

What other questions do you have?

Email us with your questions. support@webdesignerbeautyschool.com

Are you ready to retreat? Only 14 spots available!

Pay Now





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