In today’s post, I’m sharing three areas that you will need to know intimately if you’re going to use the Beaver Builder Theme and Plugin to build websites.

I’m going to get right to the bottom line here and save you the time of googling around to find the places where you need to add your Google Analytics Code, a Facebook Tracking Pixel, any additional web fonts (I’m showing you show to add an Adobe TypeKit font, but this could easily be an additional Google Web Font that isn’t in the library), and where you can upload your site icon (or favicon) that can be viewable in the tabs in your web browser bar.

If you want to scroll right to the video, please click here.

  1. To Install A Site Icon (Favicon)

    First you want to hit the customize button at the top of your website.

    Then click SETTINGS



    Once you upload your 512px x 512px square image, you click SAVE AND PUBLISH at the top.

    VOILA! Site Icon Added.


  2. Google Analytics Code, Facebook Tracking Pixel, and Adobe TypeKit Fonts

    Back into Customize:

    Then CODE:

    Then HEAD CODE:

    Paste in your Google Analytics code, Facebook Tracking Pixel, or Adobe TypeKit Embed Code.  Save and Publish the Code.

  3. If you want to add your Facebook Tracking Pixel to ONLY one page instead of the whole site:Navigate to the page you want to install the FB Tracking Pixel on. Open the PAGE BUILDER:

    On the top right, there are three boxes, Templates, Tools, and Done. You want to choose TOOLS:

    Once you click tools, click on the LAYOUT/CSS/JAVASCRIPT tab:

    Once it opens, click on the JAVASCRIPT tab and paste in your code without the script tags:

    Click SAVE

    Click DONE


  4. You are done!

    If you’d like to watch me take you through this step by step, please watch this video:

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