Let’s quickly rewind 4 years…

This time 4 years ago I quit my stressful corporate job and set out to build my own business, Tall Poppies Design. At that time, I happened upon a fabulous little course called the Girls Guide to Web Design (GG2WD).

It changed my life!

The brains and beauty behind the course, Amanda, reached out to me 6 months after completing her course, requesting my help with supporting her students in the Facebook forum. I jumped on it!

Over the course of the next few years, I also helped Amanda to prepare her new material for the course and ultimately ended up recording many of the new video tutorials.

Last year, Amanda felt drawn to new pursuits in life and the GG2WD sadly closed its doors.

Krista and I heard the pleas of the students for ongoing technical support and continuing education!

With Amanda’s blessing, we started the Support School for past GG2WD students. Over the past year, Krista Smith and I have been helping the most amazing community of women to bring their website dreams to life via a private Facebook community, and a brand new course of videos.

“Little did I know that creating websites would become my new career! That is the real magic of the Web Designer Beauty School: You don’t just learn how to code; you learn how to approach problems with the rock-solid belief that you are capable of solving them. Other courses might teach you skills, but this one has the potential to truly change your life.” – Marla

We are now officially launching The Web Designer Beauty School on October 19, 2015.

No matter what your prior experience in web design is, in this course you will:

  •  Deconstruct any website design so you can reconstruct it in WordPress!
  •  Envision and code any website design to responsively adapt to any device
  •  Evaluate every page and feature of your website to make sure it’s doing it’s job and working towards your goals
  •  Decide if, when, and what plugins, extensions, and special tools your website really needs
  •  Learn how to problem-solve when problems pounce: when your CSS rules won’t work, when a plugin breaks your site…
  •  It’s not all business! Primp your site with pretty patterns, graphics, buttons, and fonts; and how to flirt with your customers using lead capture forms, pop-up forms, testimonials, sales pages
  •  Design your site with systems and tools so that you (and, most importantly, your clients) can quickly and easily update your site(s) happily ever after without getting bogged down in infinite code for the rest of your website’s life. No headache pills required!

The Web Designer Beauty School course is:

  • An intensive 8 week online program, including one “catch-up” week (plus you have another 46 weeks to re-visit the content i.e. you have access to the material for one year)
  • Delivered primarily via step-by-step actionable video lessons, with supporting downloadable documents so you can participate from anywhere in a way that works with your schedule
  • Supported with an ah-mazing, thriving “Support School*” Facebook community, a fearless group of women who are your very own cheer-squad
  • Supplemented with our weekly “After School Care” creative brainstorming webinars during which we tackle big ideas and goals of your website (and business)

“When we all started, it was with the idea that we would learn to build our own websites. As it’s evolved though, we’re learning to create our own businesses.

When I started I had a 9-5 cubicle job. Now I work from home. I never thought that dream would become a reality and yet it’s happened, and that’s down to the support and encouragement and teaching that Katy and Krista (and now other members of this unbelievable group) share.” – Sally Tudhope

How is this unique from the old GG2WD course?

4 years of Q+A in the support forums taught us a ton about what you, our students, want and need to learn. Our new lessons are very practical, focusing on real-life examples as inspiration for step-by-intricately-detailed-step tutorials, and we always tackle the responsive code together!

Furthermore, we constantly take a deep-dive into your digital strategy, and help you strategize how your website will work well, and be easy to maintain for you (or for your clients) in the future. We don’t want you to get tangled in a mess of code every time you have to make a quick update!

Check-out some of our new tutorials!

  • How to control which image is shared to Facebook from your website
  • How to track marketing campaigns with MailChimp forms
  • How to make your website retina screen ready
  • How to reveal a caption when you hover over an image
  • How to add a gallery of blog posts to any page in your website
  • How to add back-to-top buttons that stick to the bottom corner of your website
  • How to divide text into columns using the ‘Columns’ CSS property
  • How to add a logo to the center of your navigation menu using image sprites!
  • How to build a single page website with different colored, full-width backgrounds
  • The complete guide to buttons with clever hover states
  • How to auto-magically make a Tweet when you highlight text in your website
  • How to create your own Lead Pages (Sales page)
  • How to create a single page website with background images that overlap as you scroll
  • How to code a page with a full-screen background image

Starts Monday October 19, 2015 and runs through Friday December 11, 2015

If  you, or anyone you know, may be interested in joining our incredible community of wonder-women website designers check-out our website, and/or feel free to email me via support@webdesignerbeautyschool.com

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