We’ve got the A-to-your-Q for your Thesis themed WordPress website design and development questions.

Have you got a CSS mess?
Is your responsive site un-responsive?
Are you plagued with plugin problems?
Are you losing your life (and your mind) endlessly S.O.S-ing Google?

It’s time to quit cursing your computer. Wipe away your tears. Stop your endless dead-end Google searches… and join an incredible community of Web Designer Beauty School students, lead by two fearless teachers – Katy Martin and Krista Smith.

We’re here to ensure you “get it.”
We’re here to make sure you get it done.
We’re here to insure your Web Designer Beauty School education.

No matter how small or challenging my question may be, I am not alone in this...

The Support School team have made all the difference in my journey of learning web design. While I tend to be relatively independent and happy to figure things out myself, learning web design has required a new level of reaching out and asking for help. I feel so fortunate to have this depth of support, knowing that no matter how small or challenging my question may be, I am not alone in this. There is a clear and powerful sense of shared learning here, and it has given me the skill and courage needed to start a new path in my career as The Website Doula. Thank you!!!

Sarah Juliusson

I am always amazed.

Katy, one of the things I so appreciate about you is the way that you show HOW to look through a string of code to find the really specific piece that needs to be targeted to get the desired effect ... so this very simple sentence "So, reading through this, I'm looking for something that is 'related' to the 'related products' " pulled so much together for me. Thank you for teaching us how to figure it out ... HOW to play effectively

Deborah Penner

Who is the Web Designer Support School For?

  • Students and graduates of Web Designer Beauty School: All students have a free ‘hall pass’ into the support community for two months as they journey through the courses. When your two months is up, continue your membership for just $39/month. Cancel at any time!
  • Students and graduates of The Girls Guide to Web Design: Katy and Krista were ‘Student Support Gurus’ in the now retired support community the GG2WD course. In fact, this support school evolved out of desperate pleas for help, and a massive community rally cry for ongoing support! So, we welcome GG2WD students to our new school with open arms!

I would have lost my mind and wouldn't be where I am in my business today...

I totally <3 the Web Designer Support School! They've helped me with everything from crazy permalinks not working correctly, coding mysteries, best practices on to-do's with clients, business and everything else under the sun! I would have lost my mind and wouldn't be where I am in my business today if it weren't for them. Their advice and help has been priceless!

Janet Currie Hoover

I just want to shout out to Krista and Katy a VERY BIG THANK YOU!!!

Yes, I'm yelling out of joy. I was so debilitated for 2 months barely unable to work and only got things sorted out this past week and had to crunch everything left to do for this site so I could launch it no later than today before we left on holidays... So... I'm soooo happy to say this is my first "Thesis 2 custom website" birth and it wouldn't have been possible to do it without you and this amazing group... So, again, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Stephanie Markou

How does it work?

  • You must be enrolled in a Web Designer Beauty School course, or the Girls Guide to Web Design. Why? We want every student to have a foundation of knowledge and similar training.
  • Every two weeks we publish a new continuing education video tutorial. (See below for some examples of recent tutorial subjects)
  • Post your S.O.S questions 24/7 in our very lively private Facebook group!
  • Katy and Krista respond to your questions approximately twice per day, Sunday-Friday (We take a well-earned rest on Saturdays, and you should too). No question is left unanswered, nor unresolved.
  • You might be surprised and overjoyed to discover that the other students will help, champion, and cheer you on too!

What’s included in the Support School membership?

  • Get your questions, queries, and conundrums answered six days per week, Sunday-Friday (because everyone should take a break on Saturdays!)
  • Access to a closed private Facebook group where you can connect with other students/graduates, get support, ask questions, get feedback, find inspiration, and become a part of our incredible community
  • Two new video tutorials delivered in our members only area of our website each month
  • Opportunities for deepening your learning of Thesis through in-depth screencasts by deconstructing beautiful, clever, and cute websites of your choosing. We then re-build them with Thesis guest expert interviews, articles and blogs

I can't count the number of times the Support School has saved my sanity.

Here's a little support school love.

I can't count the number of times you have saved my sanity. I do remember one particularly tricky website redesign I took on, thinking how hard could it be? I followed the videos, and got stuck in.

And then I realized the difference between building a website from scratch and recreating an existing design, pixel by pixel.

After countless hours googling and scratching my head, the call went out to the Support School- "My navigation won't line up! I don't know what to dooooo!"

And the wonderful support staff jumped into my website, dug around in the code, made the changes to my stylesheet, and told me what she'd done, so I'd know for next time.

And that last bit's crucial. I don't just get fixes. I get knowledge. Every time Katy Martin or Krista Smith have helped me (or others) I've learned from it, and grown in my abilities as a web designer.

They're amazing. The sense of relief knowing someone's got my back in this wonderful, tricky world of building websites is enormous.

Plus, they're genuinely lovely people

Sally Tudhope

It’s more than a Help Forum!

  • It’s a vibrant community of women learning from and empowering each other. We are your cheer squad!
  • It’s a place where you can brainstorm and deconstruct any website design idea and function that you (or your clients) want, need, and dream up!
  • It’s a playground where you can learn how to assemble and manipulate the Thesis WordPress theme to your heart’s content. Never struggle with another theme again!
  • It’s not just about beautiful design and immaculate code: together we tackle conundrums about working with your (good and bad) clients, crafting proposals, best web design business practices, conversion optimization, SEO strategy and oh so much more!
  • It’s a place where women can ask techy and technophobic questions in a safe, unassuming environment. There’s NO such think as a dumb question! Ever. Period.

You nailed it!

Having their specialist support to help me resolve the coding issues I've run into this month would have cost me far more if I'd had to hire someone to work with me privately. I'm pretty darned solid in my skills at this point, and still very much in the learning journey - aren't we all? We're creating a pretty fabulous support circle over here and the cost is so beyond worth it. Even if a month goes by when I don't have a single question, I'm still benefiting from the extra bonus tutorials they are creating and responses to all of your questions.

Sarah Juliusson

The Support School is perfect for you if:

  • You want to take the skills you learned from watching the videos in the Web Designer Beauty School and Girls Guide to Web Design to another level and cement your understanding of HTML and CSS. Make it click. Make it stick.
  • You desire a safe place to ask your questions without having to apologize, or back down with your tail between your legs if something doesn’t make sense; nor go elsewhere to find another solution if the answer you’re given doesn’t work. We don’t want you to back down till you get the answer you need.
  • You’ve discovered you really need assistance with specific customizations in your Thesis website and have no desire to pay a web developer anywhere from $75-$150 + for an hour of their time
  • You are searching for an affordable, time sensitive, and more detailed way to have your techy webby questions answered
  • You’re ready to move away from cookie-cutter, out-of-the-box website designs that don’t help you stand apart from your competition
  • You want to be able to construct, deconstruct, plan, and predict how to create any website design you want
  • You’re eager to get your eyes on new web design tutorials that can help you take your design from ho-hum to hello!
  • You sense that there is an opportunity for you in being part of an incredibly supportive community that are all working towards the same goals
  • You’re a budding web developer looking to have your Thesis questions answered in a timely fashion so you can help other amazing entrepreneurs bring their businesses online

I've had a silly grin on my face for days! Let me just say it: I love this group!

For the last year I've forced my budding web design skills on friends and family. This week though, my first paying client site went live. I've had a silly grin on my face for days! Let me just say it: I love this group!

Marci Kobayashi-Smith

I feel good knowing this community is here

Hi, first paying client coming on board. Came from word of mouth from a friend. Meeting next week to start the process. I'm excited but had a rush of fearful feelings last night. Moving through those emotions and feel good knowing this community is here. First steps, client intake form and contract! Thanks for the continued support.

Sandra Mihalenko Scaiano

Hi Lovelies! I am so excited I need to share....

Hi Lovelies! I am so excited I need to share that I just (almost) finished my 3rd client site!!!!! Just have a few finishing touches! Feeling so excited and in love with web design. Learning curves and all, I feel so lit up and powerful that I am learning this incredible skill! And doing it with such incredible and inspiring women!!!! I love you all so dearly!!!! Thank you so much for this incredible experience Krista Smith and Katy Martin and ALL of you!!!!! <3!!!

Shelby Frago

The Girls Support for Web Design might not be for you if:

  • You want theme-specific answers to your questions about a site you’re designing that is not the Thesis theme
  • You are looking for specific support for content not covered by our Web Designer Beauty School courses, nor the Girls Guide to Web Design course
  • If you’re on-the-fence, shoot us an email with your question and we’ll let you know if it’s covered!

It really is a lifesaver and it has improved my designs so much!

Thank you both Katy and Krista for all of your support on here. It really is a lifesaver and it has improved my designs so much! Just having the confidence to design and try new things out because I have a team of awesome women behind my back to help me out when I get stuck has been so cool!

Rhiannon Halley

It did the trick! Thank you guys so much!!!

I feel like I am learning so much. The past week I had a few questions I was going to ask but figured out how to do it myself:) Such a great feeling! Obviously I have a lot to learn but I am definitely feeling better with all of this.

Kelly Stadler

What are some sample questions that students ask?

We’re your safety net when things go wrong (it happens all the time… even to us)! We’re here for you to keep you cool, help you troubleshoot what’s not working, and offer solutions to make your design do what you desire and deserve.

  • Sarah asks: “Working on this new site in thesis 2.x and I’m having an issue with the sub-menu. It’s my first time using one. The titles are right aligned and the words are being broken. I can’t find any CSS settings that might help. Thoughts?”
  • Shelby asks: “Okay lovely ladies, I have a question about the best practice for turning a website over to a client. Is there a good way to empower her to do this that does not involve showing her html or even allowing her to have access to the coding side of things?”
  • Sherri Ann asks: “Hi, I was just wondering if someone could explain to me what the purpose of filezilla is and how it would be different from the file manager in my cpanel.”
  • Sarah asks: “How do we center the nav menu buttons? i.e., Home button, and the final button on the right, are evenly spaced from edges of the site.”
  • Cheryl asks: “Which gallery plug-in have you found to be the most end user friendly that is responsive and used with WordPress existing media gallery?”
  • Sarah proclaims (!): “I’m live!!! I 100% welcome all words of encouragement, feedback from this group. It wouldn’t be live without you…”
  • Shelby asks: “I have a little Firefox question for any takers… the header on my site is supposed to be full width, and is displaying just so in Safari and in Chrome, but in Firefox it’s missing about a 1/4 of an inch off the right side. I am wondering if any of you lovelies can give me a hint.”
  • Jasmine asks: “Has anyone ever done those toggle things where you click to expand for more info ? Does that make sense?”
  • Katie asks: “I’m almost afraid to ask. I have been researching and experimenting with plugins and now every time I click on anything on my site, it gives me this message: Fatal error: … Uh-oh! What does this mean???
  • Gabriella asks: “Can someone remind me how I clear floats? I am trying to float the nav menu to the right, but then everything else gets messed up.”

I just need to say, I am BEYOND WORDS grateful for this amazing group!

I just need to say, I am BEYOND WORDS grateful for this amazing group! Thank you All! and especially Krista Smith and Katy Martin for your incredible and amazing support. I am feeling so grateful right now! xo

Shelby Frago

I totally the love Support School!

You've helped me with everything from crazy permalinks not working correctly, coding mysteries, best practices on to-do's with clients, business and everything else under the sun! I would have lost my mind and wouldn't be where I am in my business today if it weren't for them. Your advice and help has been priceless!

Janet Curry Hoover

What topics do you cover in the bonus video tutorials?

It’s possible you’ve been going solo for a while now in your own business, with your own website, and/or tip-tapping-away on your client sites. It’s so easy to get in a holding pattern of playing it safe with your web design. It’s comfortable and natural for most of us to keep it familiar and close to what we know we’re capable of. The thing is… the real learning happens when you step outside your comfort zone.

We create two new video tutorials every two weeks to introduce you to and show you detailed instruction on fabulous and fun new design and coding tricks.

  • How to create your own Lead Pages with the Thesis 2 WordPress Theme
  • How to create three columns in your Thesis website >> It’s Columns and Floats 101!
  • The Ultimate Guide to Backgrounds using CSS in your WordPress Website (including full-page images, and gradients)!
  • How to customize the design of our favorite testimonials plugin (and other plugins)!
  • The “columns” CSS property is going to rock your webby world!

I never once felt like I was alone...

I never once felt like I was alone in the sea of coding. There was always someone just a Facebook post away.


Ready to join?


How soon will you answer my questions in the forum?

We check the forum at least twice a day, roughly in the morning and afternoon. Oftentimes we are in more frequently. Worst case scenario: you post a question, say at 5pm and a guru doesn’t answer till the next morning. Now, if any of you have asked questions in other forums, you usually have to wait days, even weeks, perhaps forever!

How will you decide what tutorials to create?

If only you could see the wonderful list of lessons we already have planned! However, we want to be flexible and respond to the most frequently asked questions in the forums, hot topics, or new trends. We will also be asking the students in the forums what you want to learn next. We’ll even be breaking apart super cool websites that we all love to show you how you could create something similar using WordPress and Thesis 2.x.

How will I know when you have new tutorials to watch?

We will send you an email when we publish a new tutorial or blog post! We’ll post a link in the forum. AND you can also subscribe via RSS. You can update your email preferences at any time to choose when and what to receive.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yup! Cancel at anytime. No questions asked. Here’s how

Our Support School is unlike other support programs for a few reasons:

First, the Web Designer Support School is the only support program aimed at specifically targeting the students and graduates of the Girls Guide to Web Design. The support we extend is in direct relation to the curriculum. If it’s covered in the course, we can help.

Second, the Support School is more personable, flexible, and adaptable than some of the other Thesis and web design support programs out there. You’ll have direct access to us throughout your membership. We’ll personally answer your questions. We’ll get to know and adore you.

Third, we love to interact and build community. You’ll feel supported on so many levels by the incredible women who are a part of the same journey. You are here right now because you are ready for the assistance the Girls Support for Web Design can give you. Feeling the sense of accomplishment with making your web design dreams come true is one step away. Join us and give yourself the gift of our incredible community. You deserve it.

I would have thrown the towel...

Firstly I want to say thank you for all your support the last month. I would have thrown the towel in on day 2 or 3 of relearning thesis. I REALLY appreciate the time & energy you have put into helping me!

Ruth Bradley


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