Last week Lydia asked: “Hey! How do you make this magic happen? Becca has it set up so that any sentence can be instantly tweeted/shared. Any ideas?” …and she pointed us to a link on The Uncaged Life.

Pop over to Becca’s site and test it out for yourself by highlighting any text in the site and check-out the little twitter app that pops up on your screen. How sweet is that!

We really didn’t have to put our sleuthing skills to the test this time as it turns out the little app tells us that it is ‘Powered by SumoMe‘ and if you click that link, it takes you to a page of all their apps, where you can specifically fine this handy little Highlighter App.

Designed to encourage sharing on Twitter, the Highlighter feature lets readers easily select portions of your article to share as quotes on Twitter or Facebook. Popular sections are highlighted on your blog which boosts Twitter and Facebook sharing significantly. It’s an automatic click-to-share!

So go ahead and download this clever little FREE plugin!

Wait! Before you install it, be sure to back up your site (and if you don’t have a back up solution set up yet, we highly recommend backup buddy by ithemes).

If you don’t want to install a plugin to do this, another tool to look at is ‘Click To Tweet.’

Simply sign-up for an account using your Twitter account. Write your tweet, and then click ‘Generate New Link.’

And Voila! You will be shown your ClicktoTweet link, and all of it’s tracking info!

And then copy the code, such as:

<a href="">Tweet: We <3 this Highlighter app by @SumoMe! Check it out on</a>

And paste it into your site in the Text editor pane of your page or post – or simply grab the link, such as and highlighter your text and insert your link. Don’t forget to make sure the link ‘Opens in a new window’ so that you don’t take your customers away from your website when they click the link. Check it out in action:

We <3 this Highlighter app by @SumoMe! Check it out on

There you have it! Two handy tools to encourage twitter sharing on your website!

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