Do you wish you could design and code websites for a living (part-time, full-time, or life-time), but you just don’t know how to get started?

You’re in luck because this is a complete kit has step-by-step instructions, resources, email scripts and sample documents to show you exactly how you contact, contract, sign and seal the deal on your very first web design client…

  • Proven techniques to find your first – or your 101st – client, with exact action worksheets
  • Recommended places to network, including 20 of our favorite Facebook groups
  • Email scripts and conversations starters you can use to convert a contact into a client
  • Best practices for your proposal – including a proposal template
  • What to charge (hint: we recommend at least $2000!)
  • Tried and trusted payment terms
  • How to accept payments – and get paid on time!
  • How to sign and seal the legal deal, including sample terms and conditions

Bonus! You’ll also get a free pass to our “Website Kickstarter” mini-course: launch a website, start building your list, and deliver and opt-in gift in a matter of hours!

Free ebook: “Just Tell Me Exactly” How-to Guide To Contract Your 1st Web Design Client – and charge $2000+” Exact scripts, proposal templates, sample terms – and a plethora of resources to actually find clients!