This 50 page e-book will reveal exactly how you contact, contract, sign and seal the deal on your very first web design client… and make $2000+! Download your ebook, scripts, proposal template, and sample terms and conditions right now:

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Don’t let a non-existent or embarrassing website hold you back from blooming your beautiful business. Take our “Website Kickstarter” course and launch a website in a matter of hours!


By the end of this mini-course you will:

  • Have a website up-and-running
  • With a simple, effective landing page or “coming soon” page
  • Kitted out with a lead capture form so you can start building your list
  • And you will have a custom opt-in email sequence that delivers your free downloadable opt-in gift

Step-by-step videos to show you how to…

  • Set up your domain name, hosting, and install WordPress
  • Set up your official business email address
  • Set up your ‘Coming Soon’ landing page – with a (free!) MailChimp lead capture form!
  • Set up your opt-in email sequence with your free downloadable gift
  • Bonus! Add customized “share this” social sharing links to your emails!

What happens next…

Our goal for you is to immediately share your message, your services, and/or your product(s) out into the world, no matter what stage of your business evolution you are at, and for you to start building your list of subscribers.

Once your have set up your ‘coming soon’ lead page, you can work on your new website design and layout behind-the-scenes without the public prying into your ‘under construction’ mess.

To create your final website…


Questions? Contact us!