Web Designer Beauty School is an online course teaching not only how to build your own website, but also how to grow your own web design business.

Course creators, Krista Smith and Katy Martin, have taken their shared passion for teaching web design and built meticulously detailed tech lessons, coupled with a design business coaching perspective. The results are a course that instills invaluable life skills, empowering their students to work on their own terms.

Krista and Katy are specialists in web design, marketing, and business coaching for entrepreneurs.

They are quite an inspiring and relatable, dynamic duo and are available for interviews, guest blogging, and speaking engagements.

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Topics Krista & Katy can speak and write on include:

1.  Web Design – design strategy, tools & tactics, security & maintenance,
2.  Marketing with your website – How to flirt with your customers using lead capture forms, pop-up forms, testimonials, sales pages
3.  Email Marketing – Simple, Sophisticated automated email campaigns and how to track them
4.  Women in Tech & Female Entrepreneurship/Mompreneurs- putting fear aside, dealing with the emotional side of business and creating your career

Bio for the Dynamic Duo:

Not too many years ago, Katy Martin (TallPoppiesDesign.com) and Krista Smith (ActivateHerAwesome.com) were once in your shoes, and they now have bustling, bread-winning web design and development businesses that empower them with the freedom to set their own hours, spend precious time playing with their family and friends, working with their ideal clients on websites they love working on!

After their own arduous journey of countless courses, endless dead-end google searching, and an exponential learning curve, they dreamed of taking this hard-earned knowledge and packaging it up for you into bit-sized morsels so your business can bloom online, and so you can take the reigns of your day.

To top it off, they have been technically (and oftentimes emotionally!!) supporting web design students in a private Facebook community for over 4 years, now known as the Web Designer Support School.

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Bio for Katy Martin:

A love of art led me through a degree in design—a B.A. (with Honors) in Design Visual Communications—at the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia. (When we get to speak on the phone, you’ll notice my Aussie accent!) I graduated in the top five of my class, and still live and breathe this level of exquisite design and high standards.

From there, I followed my heart to the Colorado ski resort town of Steamboat Springs. I worked my way up the corporate ladder to become the Regional Director of Marketing and Sales at a vacation rental company.

As wonderful (and rare in our mountain town!) as that position was, when my husband and I wanted to start a family, I realized I desperately wanted more flexibility and freedom. So I took matters into my own hands, and made the leap to self-employment.

I opened the (digital) doors for Tall Poppies Design in 2011. Two years later, I had a beautiful baby girl, and my bustling small business allowed me to work part time for the entire first year of Lily’s life!

When you work with me, you’ll get my dual superpowers of creative artistry and systems strategy. I’m an artist who also loves coding and analytics.

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Bio for Krista Smith:

As a professional coach trained through the Coaches Training Institute, I use my coaching skills to help to get to the truth of your business, your gifts, your people, and your unique space. When you combine that with a passion for technology and my degree in education and you get to the heart of my personal zone of genius.

I spent almost ten years in Nova Scotian classrooms and many years honing my entrepreneurial chops while working alongside my husband and his successful new home construction business before I started my own business in 2011.

I’ve always had a knack for technology and a passionate desire to help people be their best, but I struggled with how to combine techie with tender. That’s when I started down a path that would lead me to identify the talents that colleagues, friends, and family have admired for years. And create a unique service that is totally me: professional coaching with web design.

Today, I build websites, teach web design, coach creatives on how to build a successful business, run business retreats twice yearly, and host local workshops. My work lights me up from the inside out. When you hire me, you get my passion, contagious energy, and my deeply committed approach for bringing your most compelling work to the forefront.

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  • Proven techniques to find your first – or your 101st – client, with exact action worksheets
  • Recommended places to network, including 20 of our favorite Facebook groups
  • Email scripts and conversations starters you can use to convert a contact into a client
  • Best practices for your proposal – including a proposal template
  • What to charge (hint: we recommend at least $2000!)
  • Tried and trusted payment terms
  • How to accept payments – and get paid on time!
  • How to sign and seal the legal deal, including sample terms and conditions

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