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Welcome to the Web Designer Beauty School “Website Kickstarter Course.” If you’ve never launched a website before, this is your step-by-step guide to setting up a website in a matter of hours.

At the end of this mini course, you will have:

  • A legitimate website with a ‘welcome’ landing page (a.k.a coming soon page / maintenance page / lead page / sales page) so that you can officially launch your business to the world, and work on building your final website in the background without any prying eyes watching over your work-in-progress
  • A lead capture form to immediately start collecting email addresses so you build your email list from the get-go
  • A customized MailChimp opt-in email sequence and be able to instantly deliver a free downloadable document
  • A simple system to instantly start getting people to pay you for your services using PayPal buttons
  • An official, professional business email address, just like support@webdesignerbeautyschool.com so you can communicate with the whole world and let them know you mean business!
  • Bonus! Add customized “Post this,” “Pin This,” and/or “Tweet This” links in your opt-in email sequence so your customers can help spread the word about your business!

This is just a glimpse at the level of detail and the practical tips that you will learn in the Web Designer Beauty School course.

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