You can use this course to grow your own web design business, to attract more ideal clients, and ultimately make more money — and you’ll be able to do the same for your clients.

The course is so meticulously detailed and practical that our students graduate with invaluable life skills. You see, on the surface, so many of our students are simply trying to build their website with WordPress. But the surprising outcome is that they are building a lifestyle that empowers them to work on their own terms.

This course is perfect for:

  • Courageous women (oftentimes mothers) who want a change of career that supports their family life, perhaps even to build their own website design business (part-time, full-time, or life-time!)
  • Graphic designers wanting to learn how to code their own website designs
  • Web developers wanting to break-free from cookie-cutter, ready-made WordPress themes
  • VA’s or PA’s wanting to confidently and competently update their clients’ websites and implement more sophisticated digital strategy

“Other courses might teach you skills, but this one has the potential to truly change your life.” – Marla

This is not just another shallow WordPress course about making pretty websites. Together, we’re constructing whip-smart, goal-oriented, ambitious websites that are focused on getting their job done!

  • We teach you how to deconstruct any website design so you can reconstruct it in WordPress using the Thesis theme
  • We teach you how to envision how any website design will responsively adapt to any computer screen and mobile device
  • We teach you how to evaluate every page and feature of your website to make sure it’s doing it’s job and working towards your digital strategy goals
  • We teach you how to decide if, when, and what plugins, extensions, and special tools your website really needs
  • We teach you how to problem-solve when problems pounce: when your CSS rules won’t work, when a plugin breaks your site, when you see ‘the white screen of death,’ or worse, when hackers hijack your site
  • It’s not all business! Of course, we teach you how to primp your site with pretty patterns, graphics, buttons, and fonts; and how to flirt with your customers using lead capture forms, pop-up forms, testimonials, sales pages
  • We teach you how design your site with systems and tools so that you (and, most importantly, your clients) can quickly and easily update your site(s) happily ever after without getting bogged down in infinite code for the rest of your website’s life. No headache pills required!

In their own words, our students describe why they chose to invest their time and energy in the Web Designer Beauty School experience:

Some are looking for freedom, life-balance, and a career change…

“I was looking for a new career after years of teaching college English. I wasn’t sure what my new freelance business would be, but I knew that whatever it was, I’d need to create a website for it – so I enrolled in this course.

Little did I know that creating websites would become my new career!

Learning how to build websites can be an intimidating process for a newbie. But Katy and Krista go the extra mile to make it approachable, empowering, and exciting.

By the end of the course I had not only all of the technical knowledge and skills I needed to build any kind of website I could imagine, but I also had the confidence to tackle projects that were outside my comfort zone, and to continue learning and figuring things out on my own.

That is the real magic of the Web Designer Beauty School:

You don’t just learn how to code; you learn how to approach problems with the rock-solid belief that you are capable of solving them. Other courses might teach you skills, but this one has the potential to truly change your life.” – Marla Erikson (Check out this site she created after taking the course!)

“When I started I had a vague idea that I wanted to know how to build websites so I could charge people. I felt that I knew a bit, but nowhere near enough about coding and css, and I wanted to be as knowledgeable as some of the web designers I looked up to.

When I started I had a 9-5 cubicle job. Now I work from home. I never thought that dream would become a reality and yet it’s happened, and that’s down to the support and encouragement and teaching that Katy and Krista (and now other members of this unbelievable group) share.

When we all started, it was with the idea that we would learn to build our own websites. As it’s evolved though, we’re learning to create our own businesses.” – Sally Tudhope (Check out her beautiful website!)

“My personal goal was to be able to build my own website – because I’m a control freak. I had NO idea it would become my main source of income. I LOVE this job. It is perfect for me – as a mum and as someone who likes to work their own hours, who likes to satisfy their logical mind, and who loves the constant learning.” – Jasmine Matthews (you just have to see this gorgeous site she built!)

Some are tired of trying to self-teach…

“I was so ready for something more. I felt tired of teaching myself, and simply figuring things out. I was ready for expert guidance to bring me to the next level. Perhaps more than anything my goal was community: sharing in the learning with others, having a place to ask and explore those tricky questions rather than spinning my wheels searching through countless support forums for the right answer.” – Sarah Juliusson (see the website she “birthed!”)

Some are sick of wrestling with WordPress – and losing the battle…

“I joined this course so I could do my own website. I’ve some technical skills but couldn’t make sense of WordPress and themes and CSS and how it all fit together.The course was laid out in a way that really gave me the confidence to learn more and create my own site, then go on to start a 2nd business creating websites for others.” Stacey Chapman (One of several fab sites Stacey created since taking the course)

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

Your Pinterest stream is abundant with gorgeous website designs that you stare at lovingly, wondering “If only I could make my website look like that! ”

Solution: You’re about to learn how to build ANY WEBSITE DESIGN that you can dream up!

You have bravely tried to set-up a WordPress site, and now you are drowning in WordPress themes, each one promising to be a drag-n-drop, and “voila!” A perfect website in no time. The reality is you feel powerless to make the changes that you truly want to make, and add the features you oh-so-desperately need, so your website doesn’t look or work the way you want it to.

Solution: You’re about to learn how to build ANY WEBSITE LAYOUT you want using just one theme!

You’ve lost hours, in fact, days of your life lost in one Google search after another, trying to work out how to make your opt-in forms pretty, how to make a special button, or how to make your social media icons sit side-by-side…

Solution: We’re going to show you how to customize every intimate detail of your website!

Your inbox and social media streams are absolutely brimming with advice from your business and marketing hero’s about how to get more subscribers by simply loading a pop-up form, adding the latest social media sharing tools, and inserting an opt-in form here, there, and, well everywhere. “Just add this plugin!” they say. “But it’s just not that easy,” you sigh. Where the hell do I put the code to add that form…

Solution: You’re about to make educated decisions about how to outfit your site with the very best tools!

You’ve wasted so much money on boring-ass web design courses, sat through countless draining videos, only to emerge on the other side feeling daunted by how much you don’t know, and how much of your site you still can’t control!

Solution: This course comes complete with the most incredible support community you could possibly imagine. (That’s our students’ word, not just ours)!

“I know that if I get stuck, I can turn to a whole group of smart, talented, capable women who are dedicated to helping each other learn and grow. Individually we are amazing, but together we are invincible!” – Marla Erikson (Check out this site she created after taking the course!)
“I totally love the Web Designer Support School! They’ve helped me with everything from crazy permalinks not working correctly, coding mysteries, best practices on to-do’s with clients, business and everything else under the sun! I would have lost my mind and wouldn’t be where I am in my business today if it weren’t for them.” -Janet Currie Hoover (Janet’s website is fabulous!)
“We’re creating a pretty fabulous support circle over here and the cost is so beyond worth it. Even if a month goes by when I don’t have a single question, I’m still benefiting from the extra bonus tutorials they are creating and responses to all of your questions.” – Sarah Juliusson

The Web Designer Beauty School course is:

  • An 8 week online program, including one “catch-up” week
  • Students have access to the course material for one year
  • Allocate approx. 2-4 hours per week to learning
  • 3 months free access to the “Support School” private Facebook group
  • 3 months free access to the “CSS Playground” continuing education video library

The core curriculum covers:

  • Goal-focused site design and digital strategy
  • WordPress
  • HTML for WordPress
  • CSS
  • Thesis theme (which I describe as a drag n’ drop blank canvas so you can create any layout you like)
  • plugin set-up and customization
  • Responsive coding
  • Retina screen coding
  • Website security and maintenance
  • Website error problem-solving

A gallery of websites created by our students…

About your teachers: Katy and Krista

Not too many years ago, Katy Martin ( and Krista Smith ( were once in your shoes, and they now have bustling, bread-winning web design and development business that empower them with the freedom to set their own hours, spend precious time playing with their family and friends, working with their ideal clients on websites they love working on!

After their own arduous journey of countless courses, endless dead-end google searching, and an exponential learning curve, they dreamed of taking this hard-earned knowledge and packaging it up for you into bit-sized morsels so your business can bloom online, and so you can take the reigns of your day.

To top it off, they have been technically (and oftentimes emotionally!!) supporting web design students in a private Facebook community for over 4 years, now known as the Web Designer Support School.

“I so appreciate your capacity to give excellent technical support while also nourishing us as designers. Successful web design is about far more than implementing code changes. With each website we build we are nurturing an idea or vision into a working tool. Your support offers us the nurturing we need to be the best designers we can be, with invaluable perspective on working with clients and bad-ass practical tools.” – Sarah Juliusson

“Katy, one of the things I so appreciate about you is the way that you show HOW to look through a string of code to find the really specific piece that needs to be targeted to get the desired effect.

Thank you for teaching us how to figure it out … HOW to PLAY with code effectively.” – Deborah Penner (Her website is so pretty!)

“I love the way you help me think through a problems so that I have the knowledge for the next time and can truly have faith that everything is “figure-out-able”. And by example, you teach me how to fly from this embodied place, feeling truly good about who I am as a web designer.” – Shelby Frago (Shelby is an incredible artist!)

A gallery of websites created by your teachers:

Tell me more about this “Support School”

I feel like I am a part of some magical underground society of powerful women! – Stefani

  • We are here to ensure you “get it.”
  • We are here to make sure you get it done.
  • We are here to insure your Web Designer Beauty School education.

As part of this course, you get 3 MONTHS FREE ACCESS to the Web Designer Support School. The Support School includes:

  • Access to the “CSS Playground” video library which already featured over 20 video tutorials ready and waiting for you, with two new tutorials added every month
  • Access to our private Facebook group where you can post your S.O.S questions 24/7 in our lively private Facebook group

Katy, Krista and our student teachers respond to your questions, checking-in the forums approximately twice per day, Sunday-Friday. (We take a well-earned rest on Saturdays, and you should too). No question is left unanswered. Best of all, your fellow students will help, champion, and cheer you on too!

What happens after my 3 months of FREE Support is up?

You will have access to the Beauty School core curriculum lessons for 1 year. To remain a part of the private support community and to access the CSS Playground video library, simply join our Support School for $39/month. (Cancel any time. No questions asked).

“The Web Designer Beauty School journey has taught me way more than I ever could have imagined. What I didn’t expect was the Support School community here as we’ve grown and learned together. I feel like we truly are all a band of amazing women, supporting each other to the best of our individual abilities, all cheering each other on, proud of each other and of our own skills as we improve, bit by bit. I can honestly say I didn’t expect that” – Sally Tudhope

Tell me more about this “CSS Playground”

The “CSS Playground” is a library of continuing education videos that we add two new video tutorials each month, as well as regularly archiving informative “how to” discussions from our private Facebook community. The new tutorials are inspired by our students’ present favorite web design and development topics of interest.

These lessons are bonus lessons and come part n’ parcel with your Support School membership. So, you have free access to these extra videos for three months. To have continued access to the CSS Playground videos, and to the private Facebook community, you simply need to join the Support School for $39/month (cancel anytime, no questions asked).

A sampling of tutorials in the Playground:

  • How to control which image is shared to Facebook from your website
  • How to track marketing campaigns with MailChimp forms
  • How to make your website retina screen ready
  • How to reveal a caption when you hover over an image
  • How to add a gallery of blog posts to any page in your website
  • How to add back-to-top buttons that stick to the bottom corner of your website
  • How to divide text into columns using the ‘Columns’ CSS property
  • How to add a logo to the center of your navigation menu using image sprites!
  • How to build a single page website with different colored, full-width backgrounds
  • The complete guide to buttons with clever hover states
  • How to auto-magically make a Tweet when you highlight text in your website
  • How to create your own Lead Pages (Sales page)
  • How to create a single page website with background images that overlap as you scroll
  • How to code a page with a full-screen background image

Fear not! We promise that you do not have to be a tech-genius, nor a design connoisseur to succeed in this course. You’ve got this. And we’ve got your back.

The Web Designer Beauty School Curriculum

Getting Started Module

By the end of this week you will have a website up-and-running with a basic – but effective – landing/sales/lead page or “coming soon” page, complete with a MailChimp lead capture form and opt-in email sequence with a free downloadable gift!

Sample lesson topics:

  • Set up your domain name and hosting
  • Install WordPress
  • Set up your official business email address
  • Set up your ‘Coming Soon’ landing page with a MailChimp lead form
  • Set up your opt-in email sequence with free downloadable gift
  • Bonus! Add customized “share this” social sharing links to your emails

Intro to WordPress

By the end of this week you will not only be able confidently know your way around the WordPress content management system, but you will also set up your pages, posts, navigation menu, and basic plugins. Most importantly, you will secure your website!

Sample lesson topics:

  • Katy’s step-by-step guide to setting up a new WordPress website
  • Securing your website
  • WordPress dashboard, plugins, pages, posts, users, media library etc.

Discovery and Design

By the end of this week you will have a goal-oriented plan for your website’s content (text, images, systems) and conversion strategy. You will also curate inspiration for your website design – and even prepare your designs.

Please note: We are not diving deep into how to use design programs like Illustrator and Photoshop in this course. Instead we share ideas, tools, and strategy for preparing your website designs. You do not necessarily need extraordinary – or any – Adobe Creative Suite skills. You can accomplish great things with user-friendly tools like Canva, PicMonkey and Creative Market templates!

Sample lesson topics:

  • Planning your website’s content and layout
  • Katy’s website design process including setting up Illustrator Artboards, wire framing, picking fonts and images, and presenting your designs to your clients

HTML, CSS & the Thesis Theme

By the end of this week you will have set up the fundamental page layout of your website, and established some font and color styles. More importantly, you will know all about HTML, CSS and you will be able to write your own style rules!

Sample lesson topics:

  • Install and get to know the Thesis theme
  • Setting up your site fonts and colors
  • Intro to HTML, and understanding HTML in WordPress
  • Intro to CSS and using Firebug
  • The CSS Cascade
  • CSS Rules and Specificity

Thesis Templates

By the end of this week you will have set up the fundamental layout of your website’s pages, blog page, blog posts, including your navigation menus, sidebars, featured header images, and footer.

Sample lesson topics:

  • All about Thesis templates for pages, posts and archive pages
  • Introduction to Thesis drag-n-drop boxes
  • Creating new page templates
  • Setting up a widgetized footer
  • Adding a search form to your 404 page

Advanced CSS

By the end of this week you will be confidently writing css rules, formatting unique page layouts and bringing your design dreams to life online. This week we bust open the doors to the CSS Playground library of videos! Furthermore, we explore responsive design and coding, and prepare your website for high-definition retina screens!

Sample lesson topics:

  • 3 ingredients of responsive design
  • Our favorite responsive design tools
  • Fonts: How to use free Google and other special fonts in your website
  • The complete guide to customizing your navigation menu
  • Complete guide to buttons with clever hover states
  • How to customize forms with side-by-side fields
  • How to add a gallery of blog posts to any page in your website

Ready to launch!

This week you will prepare your website for launch (and perhaps even launch it) and kit it out with Google Analytics tracking, pretty printable pages, and test the site’s speed! If you are building your site on a test domain, you will also learn how to transfer your test site to the new live site!

Sample lesson topics:

  • How to transfer a website from a test domain
  • Add Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools tracking
  • How to prepare your pages to print beautifully
  • How to review your website speed
  • How to test your website on different browsers

Quick re-cap of how the course works:

  • An intensive 8 week online program, including one “catch-up” week
  • You have access to the course material for one year
  • 3 months free access to the “Support School” private Facebook group
  • 3 months free access to the “CSS Playground” continuing education video library

So, how much is the course?

Custom websites start anywhere from $1500 – $3000 and sky-rocket from there. We know – from experience – that you can redeem, and profit from your investment in this course even with just one website!

  • 3 monthly payments of $349
  • Save and pay $949 in full

Wait! Should I budget for anything else?

The only item you absolutely have to pay for in order to participate in this course is a Thesis theme license: $89.00.

In addition to the theme, you may want to budget for some premium plugins (such as ithemes Backup Buddy and/or plugin suite: $80 – $297 (less 30-50% because they are always running specials); or perhaps Gravity Forms $39.

If you would like to plan for plugin costs, feel free to email us – – with your website ideas and we can brainstorm what free or paid tools you might ideally use.

Lastly, you may want to budget for images, graphics or fonts. We have recommendations for lots of great free stock photography websites. Otherwise we recommend Stocksy, Creative Market, or Shutterstock where you can buy images for roughly $10-$25 each. If you are have a subscription to Adobe Creative Suite, you already have access to several free and cheap images!

As far as fonts go, the Google Fonts library is vast and free! is the premium resource for unique paid fonts.

“Once I’d got my first couple of websites for friends (and experience) under my belt, and was ready to start charging, I was so confident, (having the training and ongoing support from the Beauty School), to rapidly increase my price for a custom website from $1200 to at least $3500 per website in under a year.” – Sally Tudhope

How Much Does It Cost?

The next course will start Monday, March 6 2016. You may certainly pay now…

  • 3 monthly payments of just $349
  • Save and pay $949 in full

Add Your Name To The Waiting List…


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