Your Web Design Business. Now with YOU embedded.


You can’t create the web design business you love when you’re panicking about where your next clients will come from. It takes a whole lotta heart to admit you need help branding your own business when all you want to do is help other online entrepreneurs up their own game.

Are you ready to learn how to embed your personality, skills, strengths and schedule into the business you love?

On March 6, I’m launching an 8-week, on-line course called Web Designer Branding School. I’ll walk you through precise steps to embed more of YOU into your web design business. Through the course, you’ll discover how you can highlight your gifts, identify and attract the kinds of clients you want to work with, create services that sell, and code happiness right into your business model.

This course is for web designers who are ready to step up, stand out, and embed awesomeness into their own web design biz so their ideal clients can’t help but find and fall in love with them.

I’m Krista Smith and I’m your teacher.

Katy Martin and I have been at the helm of supporting students in our Web Designer Support School for almost two years now (and supported many of the same group for three years before that). Together, we help them tackle the day-to-day technical issues that arise when designing for web. What has surprised me is the amount of support we also provide in terms of the emotional aspect of running a creative business. Being trained as a professional Co-Active Coach through CTI (The Coaches Training Institute) has given me an opportunity to really show up in our support school and offer perspectives that can change the direction of a client-collaboration gone bad.

As an introduction to the brand new Web Designer Branding School Course, I’m going to be hosting a FREE Zoom Interactive Webinar where I’ll be talking with web designers just like you to help you identify the areas in your own business where you can further refine your own message and begin to attract the clients you’re longing to work with.

Do you want in?

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