Recently, I was talking with two different clients about tracking marketing campaigns. The first client was running a Facebook ad campaign. Facebook advertising does come with some tracking systems, but we found them a tad confusing, and needed some extra verification of the success of our campaign.

The second client has a few different opt-in bonuses, and she wanted to be able to send custom MailChimp auto-responder emails to her subscribers, based on which opt-in bonus they received.

So, I whipped up a video to show my Tall Poppies Design clients – and you – how to be able to add an extra line of HTML to your MailChimp forms in your website so that you too can track campaigns, and in turn send unique marketing messages to segments of your list.



Code Snippet

<input type="hidden" name="MERGETAG" id="MERGETAG" value="YOUR_CAMPAIGN_NAME" />

Quick Steps

  • Add a hidden Text field to your MailChimp sign-up form
  • Give the Text field a one-word name, and use the same one-word for the MERGETAG field
  • Copy the embeddable form from MailChimp and paste it into your web page, or go to your form in your website
  • Paste in the HTML <input type=”… etc. after the subscribe button html, before the last </div> html tag
  • Update the name and id fields with the MERGETAG between the speech marks, eg. “SOURCE”
  • Update the value field between the speech marks with a one-word name for your campaign, eg. “website”
  • Update or Publish your page or post
  • Test it out by using one of your email addresses that is not subscribed to your list

Video Time Markers

01:44 – Add a hidden field to your sign up form
02:01 – Updating field label and tag
02:17 – Making the field hidden
02:40 – Grabbing form code
02:45 – Why Katy likes to use the Naked Form
03:09 – Copying form code and copying to website
03:35 – Adding code after the Subscribe button
03:52 – Copying suggested code and adding at the end of the Submit button and before the div
04:16 – Changing the name=”MERGETAG” id=”MERGETAG”
04:54 – Changing the values
04:58 – Testing the form
05:25 – Sorting the email list and viewing the Source code
05:49 – Goal for conversion rates from Tara Gentile
06:27 – How to send targeted campaigns to those signed up through a certain page or campaign.
06:49 – Start a new campaign in MailChimp and choose to send to a segment of the list
07:16 – Choose Merge Field “Campaign Tracking” and put in exact word used for the merge tag.
07:49 – Create reminder of campaign

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