Over in our Facebook group, Meg asked:

Anyone have suggestions on how to get content from the client? How to get them to really think about what there site is about and the message they want out there for easy searchability.

Krista replied: Strongly suggest a copywriter or business coach. Seriously though…investing the time in building a professional website should be all about positioning the content as well. If they’re not feeling the vibe on how to write their own, or even if they are, I still suggest a copywriter. They can massage words and make them pop. I’ll also think about a good list of questions for you to send them.

Sarah replied: I’ve found it helpful convey to them how absolutely vital the content is – that for us to truly begin effective design, i need at least one page of written content ready to go. Once they see a page coming to life with that content, it tends to light a fire… I know one designer who won’t even start a site unless all content is 100% done. I prefer to work with clients who are in process, helping them tease out their core message – more of a coaching / design shared process.

Krista added: This list assumes they are selling something but hopefully will help you think of a great list of questions to get your clients thinking.

1. What do you do really well for your clients?
2 what sets you apart from the other (fill in blank with your field) out there?
3. What do you believe is true for every single client you work with?
4. What the biggest struggle your dream client wants to overcome?
5. How are you equipped to help solve their struggle? (What special blend of training/experiences do you have that makes you the one to help?)
6. What are you told time and time again about your work?
7. If you had a chance to to pitch your biz to Oprah to be highlighted on a show of entrepreneurs reshaping the world, what would you say?
8. What is at the heart of what you do?
9. What do you really want people to know about what you do?
10. How do you think this message (#9) needs to be communicated?

If they could use the answer as a topic sentence. Then write a paragraph for each. There could possibly be enough for home page intro, about page, and maybe even a couple of ideas for blog posts with the right finesse!! I usually find the services page and contact page write themselves pretty easily!!

Good luck! xo. K.

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