As part of our kick-off to launch week for the Web Designer Beauty School, this week we are sharing some of our course videos with you so that you can learn something new, AND and get a glimpse of how meticulous, and practical our videos are.

About today’s video:

How to create social sharing links for your MailChimp opt-in emails!

In yesterday’s video, we showed you how you can use the MailChimp opt-in email sequence to share your free gift (such as a pdf, video, audio, or any file you want just so long as it’s zipped up)!

Today we share a fun tutorial that you will be able to apply to so many facets of your digital strategy. I’m going to show you how you create custom “Share This,” “Pin this,” and “Tweet this” links to add to your MailChimp email opt-in sequence so that your new subscribers can “Share the love,” so to speak!

Just like this: Click to pin this it to Pinterest!

You will be able to use this code and the concepts in this lesson in your email marketing (even your personal email signature), in PDF documents that contain links (check-out the last page of this sample of a PDF I created for, and even on your sales pages (just like here on – look for the Share the love section).

Please note: This is not the code that you will use to add social sharing links to the end of your blog posts (and/or pages). We need those to be automated because it would be an enormous amount of work to manually create those links for every post! When the time comes, we’ll turn to a WordPress plugin to do that for us.

After you watch the video above, click here to download the sample code (When you unzip it, open in Text Editor or Notepad. Do not open in Word because Word will muck it up!)

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