I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been at a networking event and I get to know several of the women who share with me what a struggle it is to find clients.

The first thing I do is check out their online presence. And I usually discover quite quickly that a big part of her problem is her website. It’s awful. We’re typically talking flash-loading, non-responsive, headshot-with-a-wine-glass-and-an-ex-boyfriend-cropped-out kind of awful. Oy!

What do you do?

My first instinct is to reach and tell them. I don’t want to pitch them or anything, I simply feel like someone needs to tell them that they’re doing themselves a huge disservice by ignoring the ugly and unorganized mess that’s the face of their online presence. Usually, they don’t have any idea how bad it really is; they think it’s fresh and current. And I need to do this in a way that doesn’t crush their feelings.

How many times have you met someone only to check them out online and find their website is horrendous? This has come up as an issue we talk about in the Strategy Academy a few times now.

In today’s post I’m giving you a script you can adapt to approach someone with a terrible website (and not hurt their feelings).

Too many times I’ve seen our students have an opportunity to follow up with someone they’ve met (who has one of these terrible websites) and instead say nothing because they’re too worried they’ll hurt feelings. It’s time to shift how we’re looking at this issue and instead think about how happy they’ll be when business is booming with an online presence that equals how awesome they really are.

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The ultimate script to approach other entrepreneurs who might not be aware their website is causing them to lose business (and not crush their feelings if they don't know how bad it truly is)...


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