As part of our kick-off to launch week for the Web Designer Beauty School, this week we are sharing some of our course videos with you.

Today’s video provides a glimpse into how Thesis works, and why we are utterly head over heels in love with this incredibly robust and customizable theme.

You will get to see how the drag and drop editor works, and how you can creatively use the Thesis image boxes!

About today’s video:

How to add a top secret image, customized for Pinterest, to your web pages!

Before you watch the video, I recommend you install the Pinterest browser button (click here) (if you haven’t already).

Then, I would like you to go to Heather K. Terry’s Periscope page (click here). Scan the page with your eyes to take note of the images on the page.

Now click your Pinterest Pin It button in your browser, and among all the images that Pinterest shows you to pin, notice the blue Periscope image. A ha! You see, that image wasn’t visible on the web page when you scanned it, but it is an ideal image to pin to Pinterest!

In today’s video, we show you how you can set up this secret Pinterest image in Thesis themed WordPress websites!

This is just one of many, many videos we have in our course, and CSS playground video library, that step you through practical, and clever ways to help you customize your website, and to set up sophisticated marketing systems for your clients!


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