On the surface, I design websites.

But really? I take my client’s heart-centered bright ideas and set up the digital systems to bring them to life. And in the Web Designer Beauty School, I help you do the same for your own website, and for your clients.

Why would I — a web designer, developer, and digital strategist — want to lead women into the very same career and therefore create more competition for myself?

Before I answer that, let me tell you a little about my web design journey.

After graduating from university, I followed my heart to the Colorado ski resort town of Steamboat Springs. I worked my way up the corporate ladder to become the Regional Director of Marketing and Sales at a vacation rental company.

As wonderful (and rare in our mountain town!) as that well-paying position was, when my husband and I wanted to start a family, I realized I desperately wanted more flexibility and freedom. So I took matters into my own hands and made the leap to self-employment.

I enrolled in a web design course that many of you may be familiar with: The Girl’s Guide to Web Design. Soon after, in 2011, I opened the (digital) doors for Tall Poppies Design. Two years later, I had a beautiful baby girl, and my bustling small business allowed me to work part time for the entire first year of Lily’s life! That is exactly the freedom I was looking for.

Let’s backtrack for a moment…

The Girl’s Guide course changed my life.

Prior to taking the course, I had wrestled with WordPress and countless themes. Although the themes promised oh-so-simple interfaces, they did my head in. I couldn’t work out how to make a website look the way I wanted it to look. I wasted infinite hours on dead-end Google searches and in boring forums desperately trying to understand what the other high-and-mighty developers were telling me to do. Ugh.

The Girl’s Guide course pieced together the web development puzzle. A few months after taking the course, I was asked to be a support person in the Facebook group. Krista Smith and I have been providing technical — and oftentimes moral — support to web design students ever since. Over the next few years, both Krista and I helped create new course content, right up until the Girl’s Guide sadly closed its doors last year.

The students pleaded with us to keep helping them. They also begged us to teach them more.

That’s how the Web Designer Beauty School was born.

The Beauty School has come a long way from the Girl’s Guide days. We learned that our students were not “just” wanting to build a WordPress website — they were looking to build a business and ultimately take control of their lifestyle, like I did.

As Sally Tudhope said, “When I started I had a 9–5 cubicle job. Now I work from home. I never thought that dream would become a reality, and yet it’s happened.”

I created a course that goes way deeper than your average How to Build a WordPress Website course. We use practical tutorials with exact real-life examples of how to create custom layouts, add fabulously fun features, and finesse the website design of your dreams. All the while, we share our best practices and systems for designing and developing sites for your clients.

Because if the websites you create are successful, our course has fulfilled its purpose — and we feel successful too.

So, back to that first question: Why would I want to empower more women to be web designers?

Because I want to help other women be flexible and available for their families (or to travel the world!), and to share some of the happiness and personal satisfaction I have attained from creating my own business.

And because I know there is more than enough web design work for all of us. Just Google your favorite local businesses and you’ll discover what utter crap their websites are. They need you, believe me.

Web Designer Beauty School has brought out some creative businesses that weave web design into the personal passions of our students.

Take the example of some of our most inspirational students: Sarah Juliusson and her business, The Website Doula, which specializes in websites for, you guessed it, doulas and childbirth professionals. Or Shelby Frago and her business IntrepidJoy.com. Shelby is an incredibly original and talented artist who also builds websites for, naturally, artists. Or Lizzie LaRock of LaRock Star Creative who has been immersed in the Martha Beck coaching community for years and has become a sought-after marketing guru for coaches.

As Sally said, “When we all started, it was with the idea that we would learn to build our own websites. As it’s evolved though, we’re learning to create our own businesses.”

If the idea of building a business you love — on your own time — is appealing, we would love to have you join our tribe of amazing women.

  • Are you tired of having to self-teach?
  • Are you sick of wrestling with WordPress — and losing the battle?
  • Do you wish someone would fill in the gaps in your web design knowledge?
  • Are you looking for freedom, life balance, and possibly even a career change?

I am honored to invite you to this life changing course.

xo Katy

P.S. The next course starts on Monday March 6, 2016 and we’ll therefore be closing enrollment on Sunday. If you have any questions, please reply to this email and pour your heart out.

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