Thank you for subscribing to the Web Designer Beauty School. Here is a your PDF of the ultimate list of discovery call questions for you to use to create (or update) your own discovery questionnaire, to learn all about your client and their project once and for all.

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Now, Let’s Create Your New Discovery Questionnaire

This document contains a LOT of sample questions that we have collated over the years. Let’s pinpoint the ones that are important to you and your projects.

What we are trying to do here is compile a list of questions, broken out into categories that you want to ask at different stages of the discovery process. Let’s say there are 3 to 5 discovery phase touch-points:

  • Preliminary contact form
  • Pre-phone call questionnaire
  • Phone call and/or in-depth discovery questionnaire

Your action steps:

  • Print the PDF
  • I want you to take a highlighter and highlight all the questions you want to ask (or copy/paste them into a text document)
  • Many of the questions are asking the same thing, but in a different way, perhaps with a different tone. So, now read through the questions you highlighted questions and cross-out the ones that are duplicate questionsIf you are unsure if it is a duplicate question, ask why you want to ask it? What information do you actually need to gather to help prepare a website design/development proposal or project roadmap? If someone asked you this question, how would you answer it, and is your answer unique from answers to other questions? For example:

    Do you really need to know what pages they want from the get-go? The answer may be yes because it might be how the client shares what features they want. It may be no because perhaps you want to be in control of those types of recommendations

    Do you need to know how many people are on their list? The answer may be ‘no’ because it doesn’t change the scope of your project. The answer maybe ‘yes’ because you may want to find out if they even have MailChimp set-up?

    Do you need to know if they have a logo, or branding guidelines? Can you do some preliminary research yourself by looking at any current sites they have?

Ok, let’s read through these questions again and categorize them.

  • When a prospect first gets in touch with me, my goal is to better understand their business. What’s their unique story? How are they different from their competitors? What motivates them as a company? Why do they really need a new website? I like to pick 3-5 questions that ask about:
    • the story of their business and their clients
    • the value of this project to the clients’ business success
  • Then group the other questions that cover the basics, such as, do they use WordPress, Photoshop, MailChimp; how many people on the list. These are the yes/no/quantity questions. They have actual answers and are objective rather than subjective.

I reserve the extensive discovery questionnaire and/or phone interview for the subjective, thought-provoking, conversational questions, and collate the quick-answer questions in their own questionnaire so that no step in the discovery process is overwhelming for the client.

Good luck!