On our last call in the Web Designer Strategy Academy, we were going over the finer points of our Discovery Process with our clients.

As a web designer, after you’ve received your completed discovery intake questionnaire (whatever that looks like for you!), the next logical step involves you taking all that information, assimilating it, and formulating a creative brief that you can then test out with your clients to see how close your creativity and their vision really are. This process looks very different for every designer and developer we know. None is right or wrong. All are based in personality and professional experiences.

One step on the way to delivering a creative brief is to articulate a brand aesthetic: a collection of images, colors, fonts, textures, or words that will serve as a guide in developing the new online home. One of things we teach in our course is that creating a new website involves being able to explain how your clients want their audience to think and feel about their brand when their audience interacts with it.

One of the best ways that both Katy and I use to start this process is to to give our clients a list of adjectives that they can then use to describe their own brand. This is one valuable tool that we, as web designers, use to create a the visual vibe and online identity for our clients. We can then use the list of descriptive words they’ve given us to inspire and complete our creative brief and finalize the brand aesthetic.

Today we’re sharing with you the ULTIMATE LIST OF BRAND DESCRIPTORS curated by the students and teachers of Web Designer Beauty School.

While getting a beautifully branded PDF is useful in research and reading, it’s not always realistically usable. In today’s content upgrade, I’ve included not only our PDF, but also a non-branded spreadsheet (in both Numbers AND Excel) ready for your own edits!

The ultimate list of brand descriptors! Get to know your client's vibe, once and for all, and knock your creative brief out of the park...

In the comments, please share any additional words that you may have that we can add to the download!

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