You have a vision for your business. You can see it in your mind. You may have even written out a detailed plan for how you want it all to unfold. Most of all, you want your business to have an online home you can be proud of.

You want a well-designed website to represent your business, but you can’t quite seem to create it with the cookie-cutter website themes you have seen or even tried. And you assume that coding your own WordPress website will take the time and effort of learning a language like Mandarin—time you simply don’t have.

So you’re settling on a ho-hum website when you really want one that reflects your unique personality and style. Sigh.

Or maybe you’re getting ready to pay a web designer A LOT of money to create your site when you really want to be able to do it yourself.

If I told you that creating your own custom WordPress website doesn’t have to involve endless Google searches, YouTube tutorials, and customer support requests—and that you could even turn web design into a career that lets you work on your own schedule, how would you feel?


That’s how our clients tell us they feel after they’ve gone through Web Designer Beauty School.

You CAN create the website of your dreams.

And you won’t have to conform to the same ole’ templates you see everyone else using. Your website will truly be a reflection of your unique style. And once you learn how, you will be able to make any changes you want, at any time, without having to pay an arm and a leg to a web designer.

If the idea of learning how to code your own custom website makes you queasy, rest assured that Web Designer Beauty School walks you through the entire process, step-by-step. And when you need extra support, an entire community of Beauty School alumni and teachers are here to help you figure out your next steps in our private “Support School” Facebook community.
Your dreams are within reach.

Having the knowledge to create your own home on the web is an empowering experience—one that you will put to use again and again. You won’t just learn top-notch, professional web design skills—you’ll learn how to apply your skills to create the life you’ve always wanted.

And you’ll have plenty of help along the way.

We would love to have you join our tribe of amazing women who are making their dreams a reality. You are capable of so much more than you even realize.

Hope to see you inside.

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