Web Designer Beauty School Student Support Code of Conduct

As a member of the Support School, it is expected that you read, understand and agree to the following:

When do our mentors answer your questions in the Facebook group?

  • The forum is open to you to post questions 24/7
  • The forums are checked and your questions are answered, Monday to Friday
  • Bonus! The forum is also checked and questions are answered Sundays
  • What about Saturday? Well, we encourage you to take Saturdays off to rejuvenate and refresh too!

What questions can we answer in the Facebook group?

No question is too small, too silly, too complex. Try us! But please note…

The support we provide is directly related to the curriculum in our Web Designer Beauty School Courses and, as such, our mentors will only be answering questions that are specific to the content supplied in the course.

This means that you should not expect an answer from the support team when you ask questions about things that are not covered in the course. For example, if you’re looking for support that is about customizing the look of a website that does not use the Beaver Builder theme or Thesis theme in a WordPress site, it’s possible our incredible mentors may point you to the support site for that theme.

The bottom line, girls: the support school will be able to assist you in ANYTHING course related. If it’s covered in the Web Designer Beauty School curriculum and you are having trouble, we’ve got your back!

The whole point of the Beauty School is to empower you to design and build websites, and part of that power is to problem solve. We do not guarantee that we have the answer, but we will do our best to help you figure it out, point you in the right direction or find a work-around.

It takes a community…

The thing we’re really excited about in our community is that it is JUST that. A community. We don’t see it as a place to simply go ask your question and have it answered. We’re all in this together. The more the merrier.

The support forum is the place to go when:

  • You genuinely need help understanding something that is explained in one of the videos
  • You have run into a problem that you simply can’t fix, or you have had no success attempting to fix it using all the resources provided in the course
  • You want feedback on something you’re working on (a image, a logo design, a page or an overall site)
  • You want to share your successes, your challenges, or just hang out with your fellow students
  • You are looking for a new tool or plugin and need suggestions

How to post:

  1. In order to expedite answering your question, please make sure you have already entered your site information in our web support form. (If you don’t do this, our mentors will need to ask you for this information later, which will slow down the process of you getting the answer that you need).
  2. Ask yourself this, “what do I need to know exactly so I can move forward?” What’s the bottom line? Then, when you post, get right to the point. Keep it short n’ sweet so we can spend time problem solving rather than reading your life history.
  3. Head over to the Facebook group and post your question.
  4. Please make sure you post all your comments in the original post (instead of replying to a comment inside a post — these often get lost by our eyes because they’re hidden).
  5. Please ask only one question per post. If you have multiple questions, please post them in separate posts in the group.
  6. Please include the URL of the website page with your question. Every. Single. Time. By omitting it, our mentors won’t be able to help you. Please note a screen shot is not sufficient (but can be a helpful addition to your question).
  7. Please post a question only once. If 24 hours has passed and we accidentally miss your question, do not start a new post in the forum. Simply “bump up” your original post to the top of the group by posting a comment on your own post that says “Bump, please!”.
  8. Wait patiently for one of us to weave our magic and help!
  9. Once a question or problem that you’ve posted about is resolved, please edit your original post to say RESOLVED to let us know that it’s solved. You can also add a final comment to your post saying something like “All fixed. Thanks!”

Before you post:

  • Have you used the search function inside the FB group to find an answer? (It’s possible we already covered it!)
  • Have you searched through the course index to see if your question may already be answered?
  • Have you googled to see if there is an answer you can get faster than submitting to the forum?
  • Have you tried using firebug/inspector tools to troubleshoot?

A point of understanding: It is expected and implied that you have done your part by watching the videos. This is important, ladies. If you ask a question that’s covered in the course, our policy will be to simply direct you to the video for it.

If you do not have access to the course videos that you’ve been directed to, we’ll do our best to help you find a free tutorial online. The end goal here is to ensure that everyone gets the most out of their learning experience while getting their questions answered in as helpful and timely a manner as possible.

Stress Less! We know it’s hard to do sometimes, but we urge you to not freak out if you’re having trouble with something with your blog or site. Even hardcore programmers and lifelong web pros wrestle with bits of code for days at a time. The nature of this work is that it is fiddly and requires patience and concentration. So, take heart in knowing that you are NOT alone – we all know how frustrating it can be for something NOT to work. We’ll get there, together.

If you really need an answer right this second:

  • Google your issue. Honestly. Ask the internet.
  • WordPress issues: If your question is specific to the functioning of WordPress (rather than something about Beaver Builder or Thesis or code), you can search the WordPress.org support forum.
  • Beaver Builder Theme issues: If your question is specific to the functioning of Beaver Builder (rather than something about WordPress or code) you can search the BB Support Forum. Note that this is NOT how they reply to support now — you’ll have to use their support ticket system if you want a reply.
  • Thesis Theme issues: If your question is specific to the functioning of Thesis (rather than something about WordPress or code) you can search the DIYThemes forum.
  • Plugin issues: If you are having problems with a plugin, the best place to get help is by contacting the plugin developer directly. You can find the developer’s contact information on the plugin’s official page on WordPress.org, which you can locate by searching http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/ for the name of the plugin in question. You can also search the forum at http://wordpress.org/support for the name of the plugin you’re having trouble with, along with a search term that describes your issue.

Please understand that while we will try our best to answer questions about plugins, we can’t possibly be familiar with all the intricacies of every plugin in existence, so bear in mind that we may direct you to the plugin developer or the WordPress.org support forum if you have a plugin question that we can’t answer.

What you can and can’t post:

  • You are welcome to post your own work to ask for design input!
  • You are welcome to post cool webby stuff you find online, such as coupon codes relating to web design, graphic design, copywriting, branding, as well as useful tutorials, inspiring websites, etc.!
  • You are asked to refrain from posting a sales message about anything that you would directly benefit from (i.e. a new program you’ve developed, a graphic that you’ve designed that you want people to purchase from your online store). No to shameless self-promotion. Cool?

If we notice you are not adhering to the Code of Conduct, we may contact you with a gentle reminder to get you back on track.

How we answer questions:

  • We don’t do it all for you. This is about empowering you, and teaching you to problem solve
  • We will give you the code you need to use or specify what needs to be changed
  • We will point you to a video in our curriculum, or one of our new tutorials if it contains the answer
  • We may point you to an article to read
  • We may ask you to contact your hosts for technical issues beyond our support scope
  • We may ask you to contact the theme or plugin developer directly if it is beyond our support scope
  • You will be blown away with the level of support and championing that is unlike any other online web community out there!

How do I cancel my subscription?

If you are ready to break our hearts and leave the incredible Support School community, you may cancel at any time.

However, when you cancel your payments, you will be immediately blocked from the private content on this website that is just for Support School members, and you will also be removed from the Facebook group within 24 hours.

So, if you only recently paid your subscription and want to get the full value of the whole month, we suggest you make a notice in your calendar to delete at the end of your subscription period. We will not pro-rate, nor refund. It’s up to you to manage.

If you really do want to cancel…

How to cancel your payments

The No Jerks Policy:

  • It takes a community to raise a website!
  • A jerk puts her own interests ahead of the goals of our community
  • A jerk is perpetually negative and whiny
  • A jerk stresses everyone out and OFTEN FREAKS OUT IN ALL CAPS
  • A jerk is impatient and demanding
  • If you are a jerk, we will contact you with a gentle reminder to get you back on track, or booted out.

It’s that simple. Prepare to learn, problem-solve, be empowered, and be championed. No whiners, no jerks, no stress. Now, go copy the link to the page with the problem and head on over to Facebook and start picking our brains!

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