In early January 2015, we quietly released the brand new Web Designer Beauty School brand name and logo to our Web Designer Support School students in our thriving and vibrant Support School community on Facebook. We’ve been promising to launch the new site ever since, and it’s finally here (as you can see, since you are, in fact, reading this post on it)!

Krista and I launched the Girls Support For Web Design community in September 2014 on a trial basis. We had been ‘Student Support Gurus’ for the Girls Support For Web Design courses for several years, and when Amanda sadly closed the support program, we responded to the overwhelming rally cries of the students to create a new help community.

Amanda was supportive of our support community, so in order to expedite the launch, we adapted her branding and a similar brand name for a short time while we experimented with the viability of the community. It was quickly apparent to us that this community was worthwhile, and before long, Krista and I were working behind the scenes to brainstorm a the new brand and the future of this incredible community, and a suite of beautiful, in-depth, and very practical website design and development tutorials.

In all honesty, when we deemed the community ‘worthwhile’ it was not about the money. Long-term, yes, it has to have a positive impact on our bank accounts; but right now, we are truly, madly, deeply in love with our group of students, and we feel honored to help them build gorgeous website for themselves, and better yet, for their paying clients. Hey, with constant feedback like these reviews (below), how can we not feel giddy about doing this!

I've had a silly grin on my face for days! Let me just say it: I love this group!

For the last year I've forced my budding web design skills on friends and family. This week though, my first paying client site went live. I've had a silly grin on my face for days! Let me just say it: I love this group!

Marci Kobayashi-Smith

It really is a lifesaver and it has improved my designs so much!

Thank you both Katy and Krista for all of your support on here. It really is a lifesaver and it has improved my designs so much! Just having the confidence to design and try new things out because I have a team of awesome women behind my back to help me out when I get stuck has been so cool!

Rhiannon Halley

I can't count the number of times the Support School has saved my sanity.

Here's a little support school love.

I can't count the number of times you have saved my sanity. I do remember one particularly tricky website redesign I took on, thinking how hard could it be? I followed the videos, and got stuck in.

And then I realized the difference between building a website from scratch and recreating an existing design, pixel by pixel.

After countless hours googling and scratching my head, the call went out to the Support School- "My navigation won't line up! I don't know what to dooooo!"

And the wonderful support staff jumped into my website, dug around in the code, made the changes to my stylesheet, and told me what she'd done, so I'd know for next time.

And that last bit's crucial. I don't just get fixes. I get knowledge. Every time Katy Martin or Krista Smith have helped me (or others) I've learned from it, and grown in my abilities as a web designer.

They're amazing. The sense of relief knowing someone's got my back in this wonderful, tricky world of building websites is enormous.

Plus, they're genuinely lovely people

Sally Tudhope

So, now we bring you the brand new website!

This new website has a ton of fabulous features in the website (that our students asked for), such as:

Bonus content for current Support School members (and future students of our course)!

Our Support School members will have access to a suite of brand new WordPress training videos! Yup, for $39/month they can view all of the following videos:

The new CSS Playground!

Current Support School Members, and future students will also be able to access a bunch of new tutorials in our CSS Playground. Here’s just a few fun topics:

Continuing Education Videos for Support School Members…

Every month we release two new videos to the Support School members with fabulous and fun new CSS and Thesis theme tips and tricks. Girls Guide to Web Design alumni have never seen these videos before! There’s a whole new suite of videos to be viewed when you become a member! Here’s just a sampling:

As you can see by our enthusiasm, our reviews, the quantity of ah-mazing content, and the length of this post… well we’re pretty damn excited about the launch of this site. And, boy oh boy, it’s just the tip of the iceberg for what’s to come!

In the Spring, we’ll be launching an entirely new website design course. Until then, we are still inviting Girls Guide to Web Design students to join our Support School.

So, what’s next?

If you want to be the first to hear when the new course is launched, subscribe:

If you’re ready to join the support school, join now:

If you have questions, feel free to contact us

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