Beaver Builder Bootcamp

Learn how to build impressive custom WordPress websites with ease, and in no time flat.

Beaver Builder is changing how we design and build WordPress websites.

Building one-of-a-kind, sophisticated and swoonworthy WordPress websites doesn’t have to take weeks or months anymore. And, you don't have to get bogged down in endless lines of complicated code, either!


Beaver Builder helps you build custom WordPress websites with TONS of great design features, without touching code!


 Beaver Builder helps you spend less time with more clients so you can grow your business.

It’s time to fall in madly in love with web design (again). Beaver Builder takes the headache out of web design. We take the headache out of learning Beaver Builder.

Let's have some fun! Play along with us:

Course Overview


The lessons are bite-sized topics, just 2–8 minutes long (on average) so you can binge watch or bounce around. You'll get step-by-step instruction on the Beaver Builder theme and the Beaver Builder plugin, from installation to launch! (Plus, coming soon! new Beaver Themer tutorials).


One month free access to our renowned private Facebook support group where you’ll meet a community of like-minded women who, along with Katy and Krista, will help you troubleshoot, brainstorm, and celebrate your web design success. No question is too trivial or complicated. We’ve got your back!

Course Curriculum

Getting Started
  • Welcome to Beaver Builder Bootcamp + Your Participant Alliance (2:47)
  • Introduction to Different Levels of Beaver Builder (and Which One You'll Need!) (6:06)
  • What Do I Need to Get Started? Domains, Website Hosting, and How to Set it All Up! (9:49)
  • How to Set up an E-mail Address for Your Business (10:01)
The Beaver Builder Theme
The Page Builder Plugin
The Basic Modules
Custom Code
Responsive Settings
Coming Soon!

We have fallen in love with Beaver Builder.

We know you will too. Here’s why:

There’s a plugin “module” for that!

Beaver Builder comes pre-loaded with a whole suite of “modules” to help you easily create just about any website layout you can dream up.


You no longer have to waste countless hours searching for the perfect plugin.


You no-longer have to worry about a plugin breaking your website.


You no-longer have to spend all your pocket money on countless plugins.

In other words, you no longer need the following plugins:

Notification Bars
Image Galleries
Video Embed
Contact Form
Posts carousel
Number Counter
Pricing Table
Social Buttons
...and many more!

We’re going to show you exactly how to add each module and how to make the as pretty as can be!

Responsive website design just got SO much easier!

Have you too been duped by a theme or a plugin that promises to be mobile responsive but it turns out that, well frankly, it isn’t? Suddenly you’re drowning in countless break-points, media queries and endless CSS style rules as you try to wrangle your website to display properly in your iPad, iPhone– and even scarier, your client’s Android circa 2008?

Wait! What? If you have no idea what all of the above means, you’re in luck, because when you use Beaver Builder you don’t have to.

Bottomline, when you build websites with Beaver Builder, you won’t need to know how to code in order to build mobile responsive websites. It's a beautiful thing!

Such a timesaver!

When trying to learn the ins and outs of Beaver Builder, I was grabbing bits and pieces from all over the internet – a Facebook post here, a KnowledgeBase article there, a random YouTube video or blog... it was very time-consuming and often frustrating. I was so grateful for this brilliant course that offered all the Beaver Builder basics in one comprehensive and easy-to-digest package.


I say "YES" to new projects with so much more confidence!

After taking Beaver Builder Bootcamp, I find myself saying "Yes" to new projects with SO much more confidence especially to projects on a tighter time-frame than I would have knowing I can now complete them, and do them well using Beaver Builder and the course support.


I've sped up my design process!

I've always been quick to get frustrated over code, and it has held me and my business back because I can't design AND develop as quickly as I'd like. With this course, I've learned a new tool that not only speeds up my design process, but also speeds up my sites once they are live!


Teacher / Mentor

Krista Smith

Activate Her Awesome

As a professional coach trained through the Coaches Training Institute, Krista uses her coaching skills to help to get to the truth of your business, your gifts, your people, and your unique space. Combine that with her passion for technology and her degree in education and you get to the heart of her zone of genius.

Krista spent almost ten years in Nova Scotian classrooms before starting her own business in 2011. Today, Krista builds websites, teaches web design, coaches creatives on how to build successful businesses, runs business retreats twice yearly, and hosts local workshops.

Teacher / Mentor

Katy Martin

Tall Poppies Design

For 10 years Katy was caught in the cogs of the corporate grind, but after a giant leap of faith she now has a bustling, bread-winning web design and development business, Tall Poppies Design. Her business empowers her with the freedom to set her own hours, spend precious time playing with her family and friends, and work on website design, development, and digital strategy (including email marketing) for her beloved clients.

And that’s why she co-created the Web Designer Beauty School — because it helps empower women to build a career that is fulfilling and also aligned with the needs of their families. No more groveling to your boss when you have to leave work early to tend to your sick child. You make your schedule. You choose your clients. You be your own boss.

Small bite-sized lessons that pack a powerful punch.

You made this so easy. Before I knew it, I was half way through the course and building beautiful, amazing websites! Things that used to take me hours, days, or weeks to create and code, AND make responsive I can now literally do in seconds. I not only offer my clients a quicker turn-around for projects, I am able to add more creativity and custom functionality!


I can spend less time on development

 Having taken a number of courses through Web Designer Beauty School, I know the high quality of instruction I'll get. But I was still amazed to see how well-structured the lessons were, which made it quick and easy to learn a whole new theme in a short period of time.


I can spend less time on development

This course showed me how I can spend less time on development, so that I can provide superior value for my clients by focusing more on research, strategy, and information architecture. The process taught in this course enables you to build modern, aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly sites that are easy for clients to update, all with less time and fewer headaches.


I've landed MORE clients!

In just two weeks, I've landed MORE clients because I can promise them the results they need NOW. Not as I spend hours toiling over code and pushing pixels around until I'm happy.


Got more burning questions?

Beaver Builder Bootcamp

  • Learn how to use Beaver Builder theme and plugin in WordPress
  • Private course website
  • 34+ videos, approx. 2-8 minutes long
  • Course progress tracking
  • One month FREE support in private Facebook community

Join now! Enrollment closes 11/7/17

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