Are you tired of trying to figure out how to run a successful web design business on your own?

Do you dream of having a profitable web design business with dreamy clients, and projects that have zero scope creep, healthy boundaries, no energy leaks, and confident website launches?

You’ve got the technical know-how to launch your client’s websites (and businesses) into the stratosphere, but your own business strategy might feel like a clunky version of Internet Explorer instead of the latest version of Firefox or Chrome.

It feels overwhelming to figure out every sticky situation that arises on your own. But, we get it, gorgeous, you’re not interested in yet another course with video after video of slides. (Yawn.) You just want your business to flow like honey—smooth and sweet.

You just want an active, like-minded community and have access to mentors who can help deal with crappy clients, and build a wildly successful business that honors YOU.

One of the main reasons I keep coming back for more is the women you attract to your community. I always learn from and feel supported by the way we all share authentically about the issues we all face in our businesses. Everything you do consistently exceeds my expectations, including the Strategy Academy!

— Marci Kobayashi

If it feels like each new client project brings you a new set of unforeseen challenges, the Web Designer Strategy Academy is for you.

Do you ever get frustrated with (and don’t know how to handle):

  • Unresponsive clients
  • Demanding clients
  • Scope creep
  • Unpaid invoices
  • Rescheduling
  • Clients looking for a “deal” on your services
  • Clients who constantly write “IMPORTANT” in their subject line
  • Clients who ask for the design to “pop” more
  • Clients who don’t meet their OWN deadlines
  • Project hold fees*

*Wait, WHAT? You can charge clients who need to put a hold on things? Yes, dear one. Yes, you can.

Every time I get off a call, I’m full of inspiration and energy that I gained from Krista and the other participants. It pushes me to take action (in a really good way). If you need a supportive community and are ready for inspired action, you can’t go wrong with the Strategy Academy.
— Tamara Sztainbok

My strategy resistant heart has been won over by not only the necessity of strategizing and setting goals, but to the JOY of designing and implementing a flexible structure that makes sense for MY business. Krista has very gently guided me in the Strategy Academy calls with some very pointed (and deeply thought provoking) questions that touched me where I live. I am in love!

— Deborah Penner

The Web Designer Strategy Academy’s goal is to help you develop your own clear client boundaries and processes for every touchpoint of your projects from initial contact to completion.

The Strategy Academy is a support community and complete resource library of masterclasses and email scripts that will help you face any sticky situation head on.

Month by month, you will build effective systems that anticipate and prevent frustrating scenarios in your business so that you can get back to the work you love—building websites that “wow.” You will also have access to ready-to-use scripts, ongoing support from your expert mentors and community, and in-depth coaching that helps you address client-centered concerns with grace and ease.

Two 60-minute group coaching calls each month to get all your questions answered, create specific strategies, and develop new ideas as you move through our monthly masterclasses.

24/7 access to our online support community where you can get specific feedback from Katy, Krista, and your fellow members, and participate in fun monthly challenges.

An all-access pass to our rich resource library of client scripts and masterclasses that will help you take your web design business from weak to wow.

Masterclasses at a glance

Each month we shift our focus to a new topic, working side-by-side with you to develop strategies that you can customize to your unique business. Every masterclass is designed to be useful TODAY, so no matter what month you join, you’ll be ready to create results right away.

February – Develop a New-Client On Boarding Process

In this module, we are talking about tightening up everything from your contact form to the discovery questionnaire that you’ll send clients pre AND post proposal.

March – Learn how to Develop a Super Satisfying Client Relationship

Discover how you can move beyond scope creep, unclear expectations, non-existant boundaries, and even personality conflicts into a richly productive + flourishing experience for you both.

April – Proposals and Contracts

Get ready to further develop the process you take your clients through as you write and present your proposals, get contracts/terms & conditions signed, and get on with building websites!

May – Development of Your Personal Point of View and Mission Statement for your Media Kit

It’s important to identify your stake – your big why – that thing that’s at the heart of why you do the work you do. This is really about digging deep into the development of your core values. You’ll articulate your POV and state your mission as you refine or develop your Media Kit.

June – Work Through Emotional or Highly Charged Client Issues

This month is an exploration of the often emotionally exhausting client issues you’ve had arise or are arising as you navigate your business. It’s a time to get specific and identify the triggers, separate the drama, and learn how to have productive client conversations without stress. Krista is going to share her tried and true process for developing specific client scripts that leave you both feeling like any situation can be resolved.

July – Develop a New Opt-in

This month we will be exploring a new opt in you can develop that will position you as the expert who can help your audience, give your readers an insight into what kind of information & resources they can look forward to receiving from you in the future, provide insight into how you can best help them succeed
building a captive audience for your future content and offers.

August –Attract New Clients

This month’s theme is a HOT topic — always. How do we attract more of the right kinds of clients we’re looking for? We’ll be exploring various strategies for finding and attracting all kinds of new leads. Katy and Krista will be sharing what’s worked for them in the past and we’ll be building a master document of ideas that you’ll be able to draw inspiration from whenever you need it.

September – Develop Healthy Boundaries for Your Clients during Your Working Relationship

This month’s theme seeks to help you develop your own personalized process for communicating with your clients during your working relationship. You’ll be making checklists, committing to a project management workflow, and developing processes for each stage of your projects. You’ll have full access to both Katy and Krista’s behind the scenes checklists, project management choices, and personal preferences.

October – Establish Pricing Strategy

This month we’ll be exploring the different types of services we commonly see in the landscape of website design and development. We’ll be sharing what’s worked and not worked for us over the course of running a successful web design business as well as interviewing experts who’ve created meaningful streams of income through their work in the design world. And yes, dear one, we’ll definitely be exploring how to price your offers to be successful.

November – Develop Your Completion Package

How do you send your clients off? What’s the best way to support them as they launch their new websites, get feedback, and teach them how to manage their new online home? We’ll be covering everything from how to deliver your tutorials to final PDF’s to client parting gifts and more. This is the last touchpoint that your clients have with you and it’s what they’ll likely remember the most so it’s important to send them soaring with a great impression. Let’s figure out what your completion package looks like, together.

December – Reflect, Review Metrics, and Develop Content Strategy for Next Year

This month is dedicated to developing checks and balances as you reflect and evaluate how your year went. This is about honouring the work you did and celebrating your wins. It’s about understanding your losses and learning from them. We’ll be spending time looking at how your audience engagement (or even lack of engagement) can drive your marketing efforts for next year.

January – Plan Your Year, Set Goals, and Implement Metrics

You can expect to get clear on:

  • how you can work better + smarter
  • where you’re missing opportunities to capture leads in your business
  • how to turn your business into a client conversion magnet
  • what kind of self care you can practice to ensure you don’t burn out
  • what support you’ll need to make it all happen

I love that you’ve created a space where we can bring our own questions, talk about our struggles as web designers, and get immediate feedback. It’s beyond helpful. I had no idea the live calls would be so interactive; I thought they’d be a one-way webinar. This alone makes me yell THANK YOU!

— Stefani Harris

I LOVE the scripts we have access to in the Strategy Academy. I find when I have a sticky situation arise, I’m over emotionally involved. Having these as a resource to refer to helps me stay detached and deliver a meaningful reply that honours both my client and me. The biggest bonus is that you show me how to keep the drama out of my communication.

— Sandra Scaiano

A sampling of email scripts you’ll get access to:

  • How to get your clients to stop emailing you with “URGENT” in the subject line
  • How to let go of a client you just can’t please
  • How to say no to a client, even after you’ve said yes
  • How to deal with a client who gets into her new website (and deletes important things!) before you’ve launched
  • How to respond when a potential client approaches you and shares website inspiration that isn’t really your style
  • How to handle a client who demands immediate attention

What results can I expect?

  • A stress free + personalized client onboarding process that makes your clients feel like you’ve thought of everything
  • Development of your own detailed + specific discovery questionnaire that collects the data you need to take each project to the next level
  • Identification of your own zone of genius and understanding of how to leverage this sweet spot to attract more of your dreamiest clients
  • Graceful mastery of how to navigate the often emotional or highly charged client communication issues
  • Establishment of your business boundaries based on your own personality + values (We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach ‘round here!)
  • A new mindset that allows you to implement systems for your business as needed to keep things running smoothly

The live calls are THE BEST. In only three calls, I already made decisions that will change the way I do business and I’ve figured out what things I’m ready to let go of.

— Sherri-Ann Cameron

There is no better or safer place online to share your worries and needs, ask for advice, and get help in all areas of your business. And…the email scripts are PRICELESS!!

— Janet Hoover

Let’s get this party started!

Join now for just $49/month

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Buy Now: Web Designer Strategy Academy

$49 / month

Do you dream of having a web design business with dreamy clients, projects that have zero scope creep, healthy boundaries, no energy leaks, and confident website launches? The Web Designer Strategy Academy is your access to mentors and a like-minded community who can help you deal with crappy clients, and build a business that honours you.

Join us and we’ll help you develop your own clear client boundaries and processes for every touchpoint of your projects from initial contact to completion.


I’ve been supporting students in our sister school, the Web Designer Beauty School, for over four years. I developed the Web Designer Strategy Academy to be a safe place for you to go when you need specific help as you navigate the organizational part of your web design business. My philosophy is simple: How can this be easy? My unique skill set allows me to help you grow your business in your OWN way. I will show you how to step up, stand out, and embed awesomeness into your design business so that dreamy clients can’t help but find and fall in love with you.

For 10 years, I (Katy Martin) was caught in the cogs of the corporate grind, and after a giant leap of faith, I now have a bustling, bread-winning web design and development businesses, that empowers me with the freedom to set my own hours, spend precious time playing with my family and friends, working on the website design, development and digital strategy (including email marketing) for my beloved clients.

I have been so fortunate to team up with Krista Smith to technically (and oftentimes emotionally!!) support web design students in a private Facebook community since 2012, known as the Web Designer Beauty School.


Web Designer Branding School – Self Study

You’ll have access to the full Web Designer Branding School self study curriculum where you’ll discover how to highlight your gifts, identify and attract the kinds of clients you want to work with, create services that sell, and code happiness right into your business model.

I’ll answer all your questions during our live Zoom calls and anytime in our private Facebook Forum.


Let’s get this party started!

Join now for just $49

Buy Now: Web Designer Strategy Academy

$49 / month

Do you dream of having a web design business with dreamy clients, projects that have zero scope creep, healthy boundaries, no energy leaks, and confident website launches? The Web Designer Strategy Academy is your access to mentors and a like-minded community who can help you deal with crappy clients, and build a business that honours you.

Join us and we’ll help you develop your own clear client boundaries and processes for every touchpoint of your projects from initial contact to completion.

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