In the Web Designer Strategy Academy a couple of weeks ago we were talking about finding clients. One of our students, Sandra Scaiano, who has a strong background in Public Relations, was talking about how she follows up with potential clients she meets in person at networking events with her Media Kit.

This got me thinking and really curious. Katy and I have one for Web Designer Beauty School that we use when we pitch topics to publications. What about for our individual businesses though?

Is it possible that we (as web designers) could use a media kit to follow up with possible new clients?

I’ve always made up a story in my head that media kits were for brands who were looking for actual media opportunities (ummm…boy was I wrong!)

This got me to thinking. How could it be an effective (and easy) marketing tool?

I did what anyone would do. I reached out to our student expert Sandra on the subject to get her advice! I’m so grateful she readily shared her wisdom. Thank you, Sandra!

This is actually a new service Sandra’s just bringing to market for her own clients – developing media kits. Another of our students, Lydia Kitts (who actually converted my Illustrator File to Photoshop for me — thank you, L!) is also launching this as a service for her clients.

I’m planning a webinar on Media Kits for Web Designers. I get it. I can already hear your wishes:

I wish I knew what it was for.
(You will.)
I wish I knew how to use it.
(I will show you.)
I wish I knew what to include (since I’m definitely not pitching myself to publications!)
(I’ve got your back.)

Now that I understand the how media kits can be beneficial for web designers (or even your client’s service based businesses), I can see just how important it is that we all have one.

I’m hosting a webinar and not only will I be sharing all the details on how you can develop your own media kit (and a possible new service you can develop for your clients) but I’ll be sharing the details on the launch of our Web Designer Strategy Academy. There will be a free media kit template for all those who join me live on the webinar. Grab your spot today and join me:

We’ll tackle the Media Kit together. Join me March 23, 2017 at 12pm ET for a free webinar, “How to Develop a Media Kit to Market Your Web Design Business.”

Hoping you’ll join me!



p.s. – yes, there definitely will be a recording and I’ll send it out the day after the webinar to everyone who registers.

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