At the Web Designer Beauty School, we’re not just about learning to code beautiful, custom WordPress websites. We’re all about running beautiful little businesses too. That’s why today I want to talk to you about one of my favorite all round tools for running my business. Gravity forms.

I could explain plug-and-play solutions for different tasks until your eyes glaze over.

Or I could tell you that you could save at least $960 a year and countless hours of your precious time. (And time = money, so you do the math.) Did you just perk up a little?

Let’s talk about Gravity Forms and five routes to big savings.

1. Create signable documents without Docusign

Whether you work with clients or contractors, you’ll need signed agreements. Back in ancient times, you’d print them out and mail or fax them (can you imagine!). Back in less ancient times, you’d email the forms, people would print, sign, and scan to return to you. While that’s still possible, what a bother. Digital signing makes things so easy—and quick.

And with Gravity Forms, you don’t need a special service like Docusign. You can create signable documents right in Gravity Forms using the signature field. That means one less service to integrate and manage—and pay for.

Savings: DocuSign and HelloSign cost $40/month for a Business plan. That means you can save $480/year.

2. Sync Gravity Forms with Freshbooks

You love to see money coming into your business, but you don’t want managing your money to be a headache. I love Freshbooks for invoicing and tracking income and expenses. It is reasonably priced, easy to set up and use, and, you guessed it, works with Gravity Forms.

Now Freshbooks does come at a cost, but in addition to providing you with a service you need any way for your business, you can cut down on PayPal fees. Instead of getting charged 2.9% of each transaction + $0.30, you can choose the PayPal business option and pay just $0.50 per transaction. That’s a big difference that adds up making Freshbooks well worth it.

When you synch Gravity Forms with Freshbooks, life gets even easier. Forget about manual entry of data. New clients are added to Freshbooks and their information is updated when forms are submitted. And you can use forms to automatically create invoices or estimates.

Savings: 2.9% of invoiced amount + hours of you time (how much is that worth)?

3. Create surveys without SurveyMonkey

Anybody can create a survey or free with SurveyMonkey. But if you want to ask more than 10 questions or expect high response rates or want your survey branded, you’re looking at an upgrade, and that’s going to cost you

Or—and I think you know what I’m going to say here—you can use Gravity Forms to create your survey. Using the drag-and-drop editor to set up your survey is a snap. Choose from a variety of question types and select options to get just the information you need.

You can add the form directly to a page on your website or create a sidebar widget. Results are collected as they come in – and are even graphically display – and you can export responses and data to view in a spreadsheet. There’s your survey— as easy and without the price of an additional survey service.

Savings: $300/year for SurveyMonkey’s best value plan

4. Cut out duplicate MailChimp subscribers

One of the no-nos I see with a lot of clients is juggling multiple MailChimp lists. In fact the mess and the cost of duplicated subscribers has been causing them flee to Convertkit, Constant Contact, Mad Mimi etc.

But multiple lists and duplicates and MailChimp don’t have to go hand in hand. I maintain a single MailChimp list myself, but I use lots of groups. That means I only pay for each subscriber once. And since you can only email one list at a time—but you can target more than one group—it makes it easier to manage my outgoing messages too.

So that’s MailChimp. How does Gravity Forms figure in?

I use Gravity Forms to direct subscribers to specific groups. Say you serve both yoga teachers and yoga students. Ask subscribers to click one or the other, and Gravity Forms will set them up in the right group. Or maybe the opt-in form for your PDF goes to one group and your opt-in for your webinar goes to another.

Gravity Forms can handle it.

There’s so much more you can do with MailChimp and Gravity Forms. In fact, I’m about to launch a brand new course on September 19, 2016: The MailChimp Masterclass. It’s all about setting up MailChimp like a pro, and also using Gravity Forms in your WordPress website to track and automate with ease. Check it out right here…

Savings: Duplicate subscribers can cost you from $5–15/month, for savings of up to $180/year.

5. Stop losing leads to time lag

Imagine if you got a text every time somebody filled out a consult/more information form. While it may not be ideal for work-life balance, it can be good for business. That quick delivery of information allows you to respond to leads quickly while they are still hot. You see where this is going.

Gravity Forms and Zapier make all kinds of connections possible, not just the lead texting I described. Ask a client for a testimonial—and have it tweeted or posted on Facebook. Use forms to add tasks to your project management software (I love Basecamp) or pop files into Dropbox.

Savings: Add up the lost leads or hours spent on admin tasks = priceless

Gravity Forms makes life easier by automating and integrating with other services.

It saves time that you can use on the more interesting or specialized parts of your business. It cuts down on the number of other services you need to subscribe too. And, even though it comes with a price tag, it saves you money.

If you’ve got Gravity Forms but could be doing more with it, check out this free video series on setting up Gravity Forms to save you time and money.

Just fill out the form to get access to the videos—Gravity Forms will do all the magic behind the scenes to get you ready to watch in no time.







  • Sherri-Ann Cameron September 2, 2016, 11:26 am

    Great blog post Katy! I’m only at the beginning of my Gravity Forms journey but I see there is a lot more I can do. Looking forward to learning more!

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