Katy and I have been watching and taking part in conversations over the past few months where we’ve been drawn into investigating the buzz around the Beaver Builder Page Builder plugin.

When we first encountered page builders, Divi was all the rage. We felt like all the cool kids were using it yet every time we dabbled in it, we found it way too buggy and we never knew where to add custom CSS to make things behave as we wanted. We decided to stick with teaching Thesis in our coding academy. Our community loved it for its flexibility and we loved helping our students code and design like bosses.

Two years later, we are delighted to announce we have a new love. Beaver Builder. OMG, ladies. This plugin has, in six weeks, totally changed the way I run my business. It’s almost effortless to make gorgeous and linger-worthy websites in way less time than it took me previously. Each project can be full of seductive animations that make your work look uber-polished, supremely beautiful, and totally on-trend.

The time saving aspect of using Beaver Builder has enabled me to spend more time with clients developing their digital strategy and not feel like I’m not being compensated for the time involved.

My clients can now launch with a solid marketing + content strategy. If they’re ready, they can walk away with a list of possible topics to establish themselves as thought leaders in their communities. I know that for clients who’ve hired me for a complete custom website where the strategy is included as part of our project or if I’ve had clients who have hired me for coaching specifically before they are ready to launch their website, they tend to see a faster ROI and are more likely to refer to me and re-engage my services as they grow. I can already see that Beaver Builder will help me accomplish these things with ease.

We have glimpsed the opportunity that this page builder holds for your business and we are so excited to share it with you.

Our newest course, Beaver Builder Bootcamp launches in October. Our goal is to teach you how to build hassle-free fully-responsive, retina-ready websites, Web-Designer-Beauty-School-style, with the Beaver Builder theme and the Beaver Builder plugin.

The BEST part that I’ve discovered so far is that I’ve been able to replace 10 plugins I’d regularly use on each site just by using Beaver Builder. Obviously fewer plugins mean faster site speeds – all positives in our books.

Today I’m sharing my list of ten plugins I no longer need because of bb plugin.

  1.  Testimonials. I no longer need a separate testimonials plugin. There is a testimonials module in Beaver Builder (BB) that makes styling a breeze.
  2. Short Codes Ultimate. We used and recommended this plugin ALL THE TIME for accordion style sections. There is an accordion module in BB that negates the need for this one too!
  3. Logo Image Carousels. No more needs to java heavy plugins that make your “as seen in” or “trusted partner” areas look beautiful. BB has it built in.
  4. Countdown plugin. You can configure the countdown module in minutes using Beaver Builder.
  5. Pricing tables. This was a big one for me. Many of my clients use pricing tables to offer a visual way to see the differences between their offerings. I no longer need this plugin. There is a module included.
  6. Number counter with animation that show stats. Again — already a module in BB.
  7. Parallax background images. No need for special effects plugins to make this happen.
  8. Icon plugin. BB comes with Font Awesome, WordPress Dashicons, and Foundation Icons natively installed.
  9. Map plugin. No more heading to google to embed a map. Just enter the address after you’ve brought in the module and it displays beautifully.
  10. Tabs. Often I used shortcodes ultimate for this but for complicated and beautiful designs, I’d had to go to Code Canyon to find a tab plugin that looked great, was responsive, and had support. No longer needed! BB has a native module.

Are you beginning to see the bigger picture? Yowser. It’s definitely a game changer.

I look forward to telling you more about the awesomeness that is Beaver Builder over the next few weeks.

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