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Three Places You Need to Confidently Locate When Using Beaver Builder

I'm going to get right to the bottom line here and save you the time of googling around to find the places where you need to add your Google Analytics Code, a Facebook Tracking Pixel, any additional web fonts (I'm showing you show to add an Adobe TypeKit font, but this could easily be an… Read More

How to work out exact image sizes for your Beaver Builder website templates

Today I'm sharing a quick video (less than 5 minutes) to share with you a handy way to work out the exact image sizes you will want to use to replace images from Beaver Builder website templates. As a bonus, I run through how I download the image and work with it in an Adobe… Read More

10 Plugins You No Longer Need if You Use Beaver Builder

When we first encountered page builders, Divi was all the rage. We felt like all the cool kids were using it yet every time we dabbled in it, we found it way too buggy and we never knew where to add custom CSS to make things behave as we wanted. We decided to stick with… Read More

Stop wondering what to listen to when you design and code

In today’s post, I’m sharing the resources I’ve curated from our students in the Web Designer Strategy Academy course. This is really about the most effective audio that will elevate your work habits and not distract you from accomplishing your goals. There is a ton of research out there suggesting what works and what doesn't… Read More

How to approach someone with a terrible website (and not crush their feelings)

I can't tell you how many times I've been at a networking event and I get to know several of the women who share with me what a struggle it is to find clients. The first thing I do is check out their online presence. And I usually discover quite quickly that a big part… Read More

How to Build a Strong Connection With Your Audience – the Right Way to Use Automation Sequences

You’ve set up a MailChimp form to capture emails on your website or coming soon page, and maybe you have even created an opt-in freebie to attract your ideal clients to sign up. They confirm they want to be on your email list and receive your freebie or thank you email. And then… crickets. They… Read More

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